A couple from the road

Two of the sixteen covered bridges around here.

Great shots! But something has always puzzled me. Why cover a bridge?
covered bridge

I come from covered bridge country also Joe.
Raised in southern Indiana close to rockville with a ton of covered bridges. Nice place to rest after a bike ride.
Open horse carriages used to wait out storms in them also.
Library wil be closing now. Nod.
Love the covered bridges. A couple of summers ago I took my Harley on a poker run that went through 12 covered bridges.

So seldom see covered bridges any more. Nice pictures,thank you for sharing them.

Looks like you are getting a lot of fun out of the bike.
Yes, I am thank you....today I rode to the Linesville (Linesville PA, 500 miles west of NYC, 500 miles east of Chicago) bike shop- I was kid in a candy store!

The guy helped me out with a rear wheel for my next project and had.....A HALF DOZEN MOTORED BIKES, INCLUDING HIS OWN PERSONAL RIDE!!!!

All had the China 70cc engine.