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    It seems that my clutch won't slip at all. It just grabs a hold. Every time I let out the clutch handle the engine dies. It is pretty hard for me to pedal the trike to start the engine because my left knee doesn't bend far enough to push the pedal all the way around. My right one just makes it around. I know it would be hard on the clutch to slip it but that seems to be my only option.

    I got the engine to idle after adjusting the idle screw. More carb work seems to be in order though. The RPM's increase very slowly and and doesn't seem to be able to reach it's peak. There isn't any observable leak in any gaskets, but of course there still could be. I do have a roll of gasket material so should I pull the carb and the tube connecting it to the engine head and replacing the original gaskets? That might fix it??

    EDIT: I just took it out and did manage to peddle it some. I started the engine with the pull starter first. When I engaged the clutch it took off without stalling but ran very ruff. It never did get up to any decent speed because of the carb.

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    Keep at it, Terry. You'll get it done.
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    I found a leak in the head gasket! Got that fixed. Tomorrow I'll try her again and see what happens.

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    A friend of mine came over today so we both got on the trikes problems.

    Here my trike met her daddy!

    We adjusted the clutch and the carb. Now she has no hesitation when I hit the gas. Smooth acceleration!


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    Congratulations on your repairs!
    I really like those VW trikes. I nearly bought one once, until I learned the history of it.
    It was ran into the ground and I could not afford to completely rebuild it.
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    Thanks! That VW Trike is really nice. Sounds good & run good! Right now it is 95* in the shade with a heat index of 110*. I think I'll wait until the sun drops before giving her a test run.:grin5: