a days drive north of Vancouver, BC Canada and you can find found me!!!

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  1. Antonn

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    Hello, up in northen Western Canada.
    (Into cars.. motorcylces and now..motored bikes!)
    -mig welding
    - painting
    -metal lathe/brake/CNC cutting
    -electronic design and servicing

    -profession....slot machine technician :)

    Great site packed with talent and knowledgable people.

    Take care,
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard, Tony.

    Sounds like you've got some useful skills. Too bad you're so remote.

    I didn't know there were casinos north of the arctic circle. But what with climate change and all, then maybe you're in the future's equivalent of the Riviera.

    (I probably shouldn't have said that. It could start an argument. But really, it was just a joke.)
  3. stude13

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    remote, just north of the border and two thousand miles south of the circle. BGW knows a lot more about global climate and american politics so give the old boy some slack on geography.
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  4. SimpleSimon

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    I love that area, and really all of interior BC north of He11's Gate. The plateau contry is great. Nearly took a job with Forestry Canada in Quesnel years ago doing soils microbiology - sometimes wish I had.

    Canoed the Bowron Lakes three times, would love to do it again.
  5. robin bird

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    hello i live in penticton b.c. 40 miles north of the border --2 lakes beautiful swimming !!!
    See pictures -we have a casino too !! ( Summerland is 9 miles north of us) picture is out of my kayak last week---i hardly miss a day off the motorized traveling medicine show (keeps away depression !!!)

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