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    I had the first bike I built stolen today, I was there and watched him ride away. Here's how it happened. He was riding a very new and expensive BMX oddly set up with front and rear disc brakes, front rockshox and rear pegs. He stopped at my garage and inquired about putting an engine on a different bike than the one he was riding. I gave him all the information and he asked if I'd build one for him, I told him yes but for a price. He was agreeable to what I suggested and asked if he could test ride the bike I had near the door. It was my first and my pet. I told him he could ride to the corner but if he went around the corner, I'd be on the phone with police. He did just that and I never saw him again. Police came about an hour later and he was in the next county by then of course. The officer was very nice and helpful. The young man had left his BMX there and I hadn't touched it so the cop took it as evidence as being used in a crime. He called me later and said he ran it for stolen merchandise and it was not reported as stolen, it probably was stolen but not yet reported. I had a good description of the thief and his prints were all over the bike he left of course. I didn't feel suspicious of him as he was clean cut and very personable and well spoken and had left in my possession a bike estimated by police as worth over $400. It never occurred to me that it was stolen. In the future I will ask for a drivers license and cell phone to be left with me while they do test rides. I'm sure the officer is going to find the guy has a record (and the police did dust for prints) and won't have my bike anymore. Dozens of people have test driven that bike with never a problem, but it only takes one. Sadly I guess we cannot trust anyone ...period. That includes YOU granny. The officer said they would hold the bike as evidence for a time and if there were no claims I could probably claim it as compensation or partial compensation for my loss. I tell you guys, it makes me want to throw up. That was my go to bike when I needed to run an errand. I have two others but you know how it is with your 'first born'. So in case any of you fellas ever build bikes for others, keep in mind what can happen when you trust even a little.
    Woody is not a happy camper tonight and wants to kick a certain young mans *** halfway to canada.:veryangry:

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    I feel bad for you. That's another story that disturbs me and makes me wonder about what has become of mankind. This world is circling the toilet bowl.
    I would be, and I'm sure you are more than ****ed off that your bike got stolen.
    A bike is not just a bike when you've taken so much time and effort to put together something that is more or less an extension of who you are. They are like a child, a friend, a member of the family almost.
    You also must have trusted this guy to let him even get on your bike. It takes
    a good person to reach out to a stranger like that. It sucks that everywhere you go now days you can't trust anyone anymore. If you stick your neck out to help someone you will more than likely get your head chopped off.
    But if you are like me you do it anyway because it seem like the right thing to do at the time.
    I hope your bike is ok and the cops find the arsehole who did this to you.
    If not, I hope the scumbag gets seriously hurt, and learns a life lesson the hard way. Life has a way of what goes around comes around.
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    Oh, no, Woody, I'm really sorry to hear that.

    Is there any chance the tensioner might shift and break his neck?

    Hopefully, the cops will get an identity from the prints and nail the little p r i c k.
    Driver's license or a handful of cash is the only way, it seems.
    I hope you get it back, in one piece.
    Dan, (danlandberg), had his first baby stolen, (kidnapped?), a while ago, too.
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    Thanks for the kind words of compassion guys. It truly is like losing an old and trusted friend. That was the sweetest running engine of any I've had or built. A 49cc powerking, used the rag joint and standard tensioner. Worked perfectly from the beginning, never a problem with it.
    If the bike is ever found I'd bet the engine will be trashed because of straight gas being run in it. If it has not taken an hour and a half for police to get here and broadcast the BOLO they might have had a chance of finding him in the area. He had time to get wayyyy across town. Sadly the police here are always very busy with more serious stuff than stolen bikes.
    I'm well known in my neighborhood and the surrounding area by riding the bikes and answering questions so the whole neighborhood is alerted and they will be looking out for that bike as well. There are a lot of eyes watching now, hopefully someone will spot it.
    I'm usually not one to remain angry long but I gotta say I'm just as PO'd this am as I was yesterday. It's probably fortunate for the thief and for me that I couldn't catch him yesterday. He'd be in a hospital and I'd be in jail for sure.
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    Fingers crossed, it might come home.
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    I, too, am sorry to hear of your loss.

    For the rest of us, I would like to see the philosophy enforced: " Bikes have been stolen because strangers were trusted. If you want to ride my bike, you pay for it IN FULL and UP FRONT. No checks. Else you can watch me ride it. No exceptions. Full refund upon return within 10 minutes and no damage. " If they are serious buyers, they will understand.

    They will probably refuse your terms. Send them on their way. Someone else will buy your bike.
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    Ouch, bad times... I had a commercial made scooter stolen once, and that stung a bit, but that's nothing like watching some d-bag ride away in broad daylight on something you worked that hard on and had some history with. I wish you calm, serenity, and peace of mind as you work your psyche thorough the various stages of futile and directionless rage that inevitably haunt the victims of such flagrant injustices.