A drive disengage method.

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    There isn't much to say as this is pretty straight forward. Just a compression spring, couple washers and a collar. Some drives may not need the L bracket at the top but I wanted a smooth action. (depending on setup spring can cock). The spring pops the drive roller clean off the wheel very smartly. I might get around to using a handle bar mounted control cable to disengage the locking mechanism but for the time being it's real easy to reach down and flip the release lever off. This is all about keeping one step ahead of the Gestapo by very quickly hitting the kill switch and disengaging the drive so pedaling is easy and normal. Has worked twice so far just as long as I see them before they see me. Then to at my age I'm sure only a hand full of these jokers would give me hard time anyway, but besides evading the Gestapo it's a nice addition to the system. Hope this helps someone, of course any improvements are always welcome. Next addition addition is an alarm system using a trusty ole mercury switch.
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    Check out the dimension edge shift on the fly system.
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    Yup, they've been around a good while. Been a number of pretty clever homespun methods from the old days as well, here's one: