A few pics of parts for my minarelli build and upgrades

Thought I woul share a couple of pics. Minnarelli cylinder with my exhaust flange I built. Smolik performance spacer, 19mm dellorto clone from treatland, a stainless ball valve that I shortened the lever and faced down for gas tank, a bicycle chain tensioner I want to try, and a lifetime silicone gasket for magneto cover. Also a 12ga spoke.
Other photo will be my intake, had to grind aftermarket cylinder for clearance and will post when maching is done. Intake bolts straight on to cylinder no adapter required not going dio route. Comes with stuffer and options for dif carb sizes. Enjoy.


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Sweet!! Makes me excited!!! I'm watching you guys, because I'm going to build one next year. I love reading all this good info and see y'alls pictures. Some really nice stuff smolik is selling.