A few problems, metal on metal sound


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5:18 AM
Feb 19, 2008
Well, my bikes up and running, but i have a few problems.

I. Its sounding VERY nasally , like a dirt bike. It sounds like metal on metal to the point it concerns me and i dont feel comfortable riding it, it MAY be the exhaust but im not sure.

II. The Spark plug seems to magically work its way out no matter how tight i tighten it. And as ive found from my own mistake, ITS VERY HOT! :censored:. So that means i get to petal home each time this happens. ( 2nd degree burn on my thumb )
1) try tightening the exhaust or adding a bit more oil to see if that's where the metal on metal is.... otherwise it's prolly the vibration in your mounts, chain, or whatever else ya got.

2) try putting some loctite on the threads of the spark plug... in fact, try loctite on every nut/bolt you think could come lose.
Ok, i found that the drive sprocket turning thing, is the same size as the spark plug, so i got that almost TOO tight, and the rattling was the back motor mount nuts. they were VERY loose, dont know how i missed them.

everythings running GREAT now, thanks!