A few questions, I seriously know nothing about what I am dealing with.

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    I got my motorized bicycle on a split second decision. The guy who sold it to be built it himself, and while he seemed very knowledgeable he was fresh from Russia (I believe) and there was a language barrier. He was not able to teach me much.

    I road it for the first time today, and I have some questions / concerns. Let me open by saying I know next to NOTHING about machinery, engines, motor bikes, or any kind of powered vehicles. I've always walked, bicycled, or taken the bus my whole life.

    1) As instructed I increased my speed to around 8mph before letting go of the clutch. When I do there is a fairly extreme 'jerking' feeling from the bike and it makes noise like it is struggling for several seconds before finally kicking in and running. Once it starts running it runs beautifully and smoothly, but this start bothers me very much. At a few points the engine died all together and my bike forcefully stopped as if the breaks were applied. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an issue with my bike? Or is this normal? This is my first time operating a motorized vehicle.

    2) When I first got it it sat in my house for about six hours with no leaks. After riding it for about 30miles and parking it at my work there is a very small puddle of fuel under my bike. The part it is leaking from looks kinda like a muffler would? But I know literally nothing about engines or parts so I am likely wrong. Did I break it already, or is a small amount of leaking normal in the beginning?

    (Edit: I should mention that there is very little material leaking, literally maybe seven or eight drops total over what has now been five hours or rest.)

    3) What are some other general maintenance / care should I provide for my new motorized bicycle? I already am in love with this things and want it to last me a while.

    4) And also, when I peddle it without the engine active (clutch down, and fuel off) it makes odd noises. Is this okay? Some days I will want to just ride it like a bicycle to keep in shape, is this bad for it?

    Thank you for any help you may be able to give. No one of my friends, nor my family members, know anything about bikes or engines. I appreciate the help, and please pardon my ignorance on the subject matter.
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    I don't have time today to write a lot, but look around the forum for more info. That drip is normal during the run in period and will lessen and possibly stop once the rings seat better & you get to using 32:1 mix on your fuel. Your chain & cables will stretch a bit at first and need some adjusting to work properly and with less chain noise - read here about normal adjustments.
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    These engines scream in chinese! If you want to quiet things down, clean the grease off of the clutch gear and apply some graphite lube (for lubing a speedometer cable) be careful not to get any on the pads. The poor design of the clutch gears is a major point of noise but nothing to worry about as far as failure. Then, remove the cover on the clutch arm side. You will see where the chain is rubbing on the cover, a little clearancing with a dremel or file will fix it. You'll be amazed how much quieter it will be.