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  1. Hey guy's,

    I am currently in the process of installing my 2-stroke 70cc thatsdax engine on my stingray bike. It is all going well except for the throttle. There is a small nub on the inside of the throttle that is supposed to go into a hole that you drill into your handle bars. Unfortunatly the directions that I printed off his website did not cover that part. So, not knowing what the little nub was for, I slid the throttle on the handle bar, and when I was tightning it down a piece of the plastic came off the throttle. Luckily my good buddy who is a moderator on this forum told me that I was supposed to drill a hole into the handle bar and slip the nub into that, and then tighten it down. Now, I have installed the throttle cable into the throttle already but I don't know how i'm supposed to screw it into the hole in the top of the carborator, and if I should screw it into it after I fix and put the throttle back on, or after I complete my build. I have included a few pics of it. Oh yeah, I installed the engine block yesterday before I tried to put on the throttle so tell me what you think! Thanks for all the help! 2009.jpg




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    If you scroll down to about 2/3 on zbox instructions page,
    you'll see a detailed view on how the carby setup is done.
    Hope this is what you are asking ?

    I like the way you have mounted the engine independendantly of the bike's frame tubes.
    Similar to my 2nd build, almost finsihed to.
  3. That is sort of what I was asking. I really just want to know how the Throttle cable connects to the carborator. But thanks for the post, these are much better directions than the other one! I'm going to use them for the rest of my build!
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    Hmm, on my zbox 70cc, the throttle was already connected to the carby. So I skipped that entire section in the instructions.

    About that nib on the throttle though, I didn't know what it was, so I filed it off :S. ****, I wish I had known. Ah well, it's not going anywhere, so no point worrying.
  6. I don't have the zbox engine kit, I have the thatsdax one. I put the throttle on last night and it's looking good. But I haven't connected it to the carb yet. Should I attatch the throttle cable to the carb now or wait until I get the bike all ready to go? Thanks for the help.
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    yeah, to keep the dust out.
  8. So attatch it now?
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    Can you show a pic of what ya mean please.
    Or are you saying the cable is on the barrel and the barrel is not screwed into the carby yet ?
    If it ain't, then only you know depending if it gets in the way of your progress.
    Point is, if the top of the carby is not covered and you have workshop dust etc floating around, cover the carby till ya reay to go.
  10. 006.jpg


    011.jpg Yeah, heres the pic. I have the trottle on and it's great. Is the throttle cable in the right spot? In that barrel in the top of the carb? If it is than I can just tighten it down right? All I did was screw in the carb to the engine block so I didn't know if I was supposed to do something with it before that. It looks like at the end of zbox's instructions it shows something about the carb. My next step is to mount the clutch onto the bike but the handle bars are to big for it to go all the way around (like you can see in the pic). So I was thinking of getting a longer screw to go through it so it can atleast reach the threads, and also take some super glue and put it on the inside of it for renforcement. If you guys could help me with these questions I have I would be very gratful. Thanks!

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    Ok, the easy one first, about the clutch lever, I don't know cos I've not had that problem yet, but somewhere a member made thier own clutch lever.

    The throttle thing on the handle bar looks ok.

    Now for the cable;
    Let's see if I can explain this.
    Remove that thing that ya screwed on the carby.
    Thread it through the cable, then thread the spring into the cable to, so it sits under it.
    Pull the cable out with one hand, hold the spring up with the other, and thread the nib of the cable onto the barrel.
    Let go of the spring and it should sit inside the hollow part of the barrel, holding down that round silvery colored clip thing.
    Smear the cylinder of the carby with oil.
    Slide the barrel back into the carby, make sure you line up the slot of the barrel with guide pin inside the cylinder.
    When it sits all the way down, screw back on the cap.
    Work the throttle on the handle bar, it should spring/twist back.

    Then take it apart and do it all over again cos I bet you forgot to oil the entire cable before you placed the twist grip on the handle bar.
  12. Okay, my dad and I tried to do it and it was going fine until we couldn't figure out what the little nub at the end of the cable wire attatched to in the barrel. We thought it might just slip into the spring. I have included a few pics of it. The first is of the barrel without the spring and the second is of the wire threaded through the top and the nub inside the spring (we think thats how it goes but we wanted to ask everyone here). Thanks for the help.

    Stingrayboy DSCF4953.jpg

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    Hold the spring up against the bottom of the carby cap.
    Extend the cable as much as possible.
    Those other pieces sit in the barrel of the carby.
    Pin with circlip and the silvery lock washer on top of the circlip.

    Thread the nib past the slots thru the other end of the barrrel whilst holding up the spring, let go of the spring when the nib is thru the other side of the barrel, it's the spring's force pushing down onto the silvery lock tab, that pushes onto the needle with the black colored circlip.

    That circlip is your actual air/fuel mix adjustment. It might be pre-set on the
    2nd groove from the top of the pin. Don't worry about the setting for now though.

    Have another look at the pictures posted from the links on the thread.

    Good Luck.
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  14. okay I looked at the pics and I think it might help if I take the carby off the engine block on my bike. I don't really get what the circlip or the silver lock washer is. I think I have an idea but i'm not sure. Anyway, I think i'll try again...thanks for the help.
  15. 020.jpg I did it! I finally got it on! But guess what?!?! The trottle that I got (which we knew was the cheapest kind of plastic there is from the beginning) broke when I was turning it the throttle. HA! My luck! Anyway, i'm going to have to order a new throttle now because I don't even want to mess with that one I got with my kit...ok well heres a pic of my finished carb thing. Thanks for the help. Now I need help with the clutch, but I'll see if I can do that before I post any questions.
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    Great !
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    Attaching the wire to the carb is easy...

    I assume you had the throttle and all the stuff mounted.
    Then all you have to do is unscrew the carb and put the end of the wire into the little metal piece you will find inside.

    Just make sure when you open-close the throttle, you see the sliding piece in the carb moving, then you are done

    PD> where did you get that bike? is cool!
  18. It's a schwinn stingray. ;)