A few upgrades for the Ol' Schwinn



I'm trying to keep my interest in this bike. I've had it for a few years now, and despite what they say about the Kings motors, mine is running fine. Actually better than a year ago. Anyway, I'm thinking about a springer for the bike, has anyone seen one for the 27" bikes? It's a schwinn suburban by the way. I think I'll get one of those boost bottles too. I have a extra manifold so If I screw it up no big deal. And of course my under the bar tank. Any other suggestions for this old bike? I need some ideas guy's to keep my interest going!:eek:


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:cool: Regarding your manifold tap, this is what i'd do. find a chunk of 1/2" aluminum plate. along the plate's corner, trace the intake manifold onto it, along with the mounting holes. drill and tap for appropriate brass fitting, mounting and carb intake holes. THEN cut the adaptor's outline out of the plate and grind/file the outer edges as needed. install with gaskets, and you're set for your boost bottle/vacuum tap.

I'm afraid I don't have the clearance for that. The air filter is now resting up against the frame. Nor do I have the equipment. I do have a couple extra manifolds that Kings sent me. So I'm sure I can tap one of those for the fitting.
springer etc

H Moto, I'm familair with the surburban, tho all of mine were 26x1 3/8. You will need to check the size of your steer tube to see if the 22.2 steerer will fit in your frame, next check your stem to see if it is 22.2. The steerer is 22.2 INSIDE, the stem about 22.2 oUTSIDE. NOW if you have 27x 1/4 wheels, you will need to stick your wheel into a springer, and look around to see if the front brake arms are the right lenght to contact the rim, from the mounting hole of the fork.

If these things are true on your bike it will work. Remember, a 27" wheel is really about 1/2 inch taller than a 26 (on radius)
You know, I don't have a clue what you're telling me LOL!!! Maybe a springer isn't for me on this bike. I'm trying to get a little smoother ride out of this bike. But I'm thinking I need to transfer the motor to something a little more suited. Bigger fatter tires, same for the seat... Something with a springer already in place.