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    Hi all just thought I'd introduce myself, new here but not to the world of motorised bikes and mechanical stuff, little bit about me:
    im into anything with an engine and/or wheels and always have a project on the go in the garage or in the head. I like to get lots of stuff off junk piles and fix it up and enjoy for myself or sell and I'm 12 years old .

    first off I'd like to start out but saying I'm not one of those kids who rides around like an idiot and acts like he's tops( we have those kids on our block) and I'm not trying to look cool buy riding one . I'm generally really in to this stuff! No I don't know it all and No I'm not trying to! But I like to help people as best as possible and would like the same in return.

    3 bikes........

    1) blygo (eBay ) kit on a southern star ( kmart) fixie

    2) power cycle ( eBay) kit on a Kmart mountain bike

    3) homemade death contraption with 17cc s of whipper sniper goodness welded onto the back of an old bmx

    One other thing before I stop blabbering on. The 2 kit bikes at the moment are not working( which is why I'm here! ) but plan on putting some more time into getting them running again.alsomthe whipper sniper bike is AWESOMe and just put new fuel line and new fuel filter on and clean the carbie . Runs like a charm..........for now thanks all . By

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    welcome. click on my signature link for a good read
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    Welcome youngster.
    All I can tell ya is to protect your body, all of it.

    It may seem like you just bounce right back after a spill now, but trust me, as you get older your body will remind you of every body trauma you have ever had, every day, for the rest of your life.

    It sucks.
    Protect that young body now so you can enjoy doing things when you're all growed up and really enjoy it.