A funky little "commercial" for my brand...

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    This video shows me on my 49cc, four-stroke motorized bicycle on an October 2012 cruise in Mystic, Connecticut. The soundtrack song is "Demolición" by Peruvian garage/surf rock band Los Saicos, recorded in 1964.

    A friend of mine in Florida who owns a video production company loaned me his GoPro video equipment for the shoot, and I did two runs on a nice route here in Mystic, Connecticut: one with the GoPro camera mounted on my helmet, and then with the camera mounted on the trunk of my wife's car with me following her. This gave a cool "two-camera" effect.

    I shot about 5 gigabytes of footage, and my buddy edited it down to this tight little 1 minute and 24 seconds "commercial."


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    Great job Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
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    Many thanks, bro!
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    I‘d like to see,but Can't open it······:whistling:
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