A Futile Effort II

Sidewinder Jerry

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3:30 AM
Mar 14, 2011
Rockwood, TN
As I was out giving monthly income away, a Futile Effort happened again. This time it was with a moped. It started at a 4 way stop, the road has around 1.25 miles till the next Stop sign. It's a straight road with several rolling hills. A few of them are up to a 15% grade. There's around a 15% grade hill right after the 4 way stop.

Here's how it happened. I pulled up to the 4 way Stop, then to my left a moped pulled up to the 4 way Stop. Since I was there first I turned right onto the street which takes me to my house. The moped went straight and followed in behind me. The long 15% grade hill starts within a few feet of the 4 way.

My starting gear is 2(3). I could see in my mirror the moped moving to the left preparing to pass. Right as the moped's front tire was even with my rear tire; I saw the techometer was reading 7000 rpm. So I shifted to 2(4). I pulled slightly ahead then I heard the moped go WOT. It was catching back up to me. Well the tech hit 7000 again; so I shifted to 2(5). The Sidewinder began to really pull ahead. As I topped the hill I shifted to 3(5). In the descents it looked like the moped was sitting still, I then shifted to 3(6) and could hear the moped throttling down. Once up to speed on this street I use in 3(5,6); (5) for going up hill and (6) for down hill and level ground.

As I pulled in my yard and got off of the Sidewinder the moped rider rode by looking in disbelief.
Yep...Likely story...Thats what they all say...Heres your ticket sir, 🚨🚔 have a nice day now and slow it down...lol...DAMIEN
My road is 30 mph. None of hills is over a 15% grade only 2 of them. The rest are under a 10% grade 4 of them. The long 15% grade hill has a 4 way at the bottom of the descent. Which is the only place I could break 30 mph. However I'm not going to run a Stop sign especially since it's in front of the police station lol.

Now when I lived in Oak Ridge which has lots of 20+% grade hills the police would sit in hiding places at the bottom of the hills.