A gasoline christmas story....



As I was getting the ol' 70cc warmed up today, peddling around the neighborhood and taking it real easy, I ran out of gas. I figured I'd put the rest of the pre-mix in there to top it off and make room in my can for a new batch. I started her back up and headed down the road to my grandmother's house; a few hundred yards into my 1 mile trip I looked down and saw all sorts of lovely vibrating and globulating droplets of gasoline pouring out around the cap, down the tank, over the frame, onto my legs, and anywhere else it fancied.
Needless to say, I didn't want to bring the intoxicating smell of gasoline inside as an xmas gift this particular eve; even though I had on the cold-weather coveralls, a bit had seeped through to my regular pants. I headed back home, changed, drained some gas out, and headed back over. No problems on the second run.
Sorry Heath, your beautiful paint-job may need a bit of touch up. It's not too bad, and it was wiped off within minutes, but the gasoline still got a chance to work it's gas-o-rific magic on the finish.

Anyone else experienced this?
come to think of it, is "globulating" even a word?
I hope everyone has experienced a (holy)day brimming with peace.



yea you have one of the older caps which have crappy taps that hold the cap down, the newer caps have a stronger spring and dont get jammed up and dont leak.


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Aug 4, 2006
Mine leaks all over the freggin place, but not that bad. I just dont fill it up too far.

One time, on my last bike, I didnt have the gas tank mounted down well at all, and the gas tank actually tipped over and gas went everywhere. it was horrible. I put some packing tape around it and it was better than ever!


I replaced the original teardrop tank with a 4 litre tank mounted on a seatpost rack because I was tired of staining my clothes with gas/oil mix that leaked out of the tank.



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Sep 30, 2006
Yo Butch,

Did you give any thought to, or find anything suitable, to enlarge your 40cc Tanaka?

That was my drawback, the "range" I needed living 10 miles from the nearest coke machine.

Those 40cc guys racing over the Bay Area Bridge were only going 20 miles round trip, and the 22 oz. 25cc gives me 40-45 miles.

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BTW- How many miles can you go on the 1 liter/70 cc?
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I can go about 30-40 miles with the stock 1 liter tank on the Tanaka. If I plan on a longer trip I'll take along a couple of fuel bottles.
Depending on how fast I'm going, I figure I can go at least 120 miles with the 70cc with the 1 gal. tank.
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