Wanted A gearbox/ Torque converter Huasheng 4 stroke kit

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Samdallas214, Jul 28, 2013.

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    well after 1500 miles my hoot Transmission is on it's way out .
    I had the kit for 8 months now.
    I kept the chain from stretching with hi temp synthetic gear grease which I would check and repack every month, this time the chain is stretched so I need a new gearbox/Torque converter for a Bikeberry 49cc Flying Horse 5G 4 Stroke Huasheng 142 engine kit.

    I have up to $150.00 to spend I'm on Disability and make less than $650 a month so I can not afford a $300.00 gearbox/Torque converter.
    If you have a good gearbox/Torque converter (even a scratch and dent as long as it works had has all the parts needed will be fine) at a good price please contact me at samdallas214@hotmail.com
    Give me a good price and a good gearbox/ Torque converter I will write you a good review.

    dvd4stroke.jpg 4stroketransmission.jpg

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    I found out because if the tapered shafted it was going to cost over $220.00+ for if I'm going to spend that much on a the new gearbox I might as well go with the best so I put another $100 and went with a EZ Motorbiking's Q-Matic Motorbike Drive.
    I will post what I thank in the next few days
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    Hi -haven't fitted it yet.

    The transmission is still in the shed. I have used an electric option instead for my recumbent for the sake of quiet and legality. When I find the time I will fit the transmission to a spare frame and use it locally on bush roads, as the police in town don't seem to like petrol powered bicycles. The law in Oz re powered bicycles is ridiculous and anti-green transport, but the country is owned and operated by corrupt incompetents. cheers Chrustie
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