A good motor?


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Apr 15, 2008
Does anyone know a good motor, i was thinking a brushless, but a certain brand -> model.


Recommended specs.

I would like to be cruising at a maximum of around 20-25.
Also the price the motor you recommend would be tight, otherwise ill just google it.

And, if i can ask a sub-question.
What are some mounting techniques, rack or frame, that wont require welding?
(pics if you can, please)

Thanks much for any help.
-Niko the motored bike making newb.

Weight- 117. 5''6
Pretty flat area, a few small hills.
About 7 miles at the most between charges.
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weight, 117.
pretty flat, a few small hills.
maybe a couple miles, 7 at the most.
Next time you go from point A to B.. reset the odometer in the car.

For short commutes and good roads you could do a Folding Bike ! go with the light-weight minimalist aproach. a 350w cyclone setup on a folder would be decent.


This kit will take some tinkering to put together, the brackets can be a pain to get just right so the chain don't skip .. or so i'm told.. should get a 500w and a 1000w shortly to test and i can tell you more then.. but it's a proven setup that many people swear by.

If you don't have many tools and are not too handy... stick with a hub motor !
cool, im glad im handy.

For about 90$ i bought a 500W brushless, a good controller, throttle, brackets, bolts, and another gear, and a chain and sproket. so im pretty much set