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    Hi, I'm a Mariner. I travel all around the world on ships. I don't have a motorized bike yet. I want to buy a bike and motor or the whole thing assembled already.

    The problem is I need a bike and motor that doesn't rust. I figured I would have to paint stuff like the exhaust with High temperature spray paint and put regular spray paint on anything else that is not stainless or rust resistant.

    I would like to get a top speed of 40MPH. I was thinking of getting a mountain bike with a lot of gears so I could help the engine too. I also heard something about gear boxes for the motors, maybe that would help get me to 40MPH. Do I need to do some modding or what? Oh and 1 more thing, I don't think it's possible to do both at the same time but I want my bike to be quiet and do 40MPH if possible, but if not then I'd rather go with speed.

    I want to use the bike for riding around different countries. It would be stored outside the skin of the ship so it would be exposed to the elements (especially while steaming at sea). Any suggestions?
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    man thats going to be a prob.
    you cant stow the bike inside ????
    I would suggest getting some kind of cover for it ( a really good one )
    and I would get a 4 stroke, so you dont have to find oil in another country.
    My bike frame is aluminum but i know all the hardware will rust easy.
    Hey I say once that West Marine was selling bikes to carry on your sailboat, maybe they are more suted to the salt.
    Good Luck !!!
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    Lots of WD40 and a belt drive 4 Stroke on an all aluminum bike.
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    O yea Welcome aboard by the way hope you find what your looking for!

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    Aluminum is not the answer as salt will corrode it like crazy. Powder coated steel will be a better format but Ti would be the premium material. There are stainless steel tubes available but they are not long enough to achieve anything other than a smaller sized MB.

    So a Ti mtn. bike frame should work for you and as has been said a 4 stroke would perhaps be your best engine bet. Check out the Honda GhX 50 as it has the most hp of that genre. You can get 40 out of that motor with the proper gearing.

    The bottom line on a bike like this would be fairly steep compared to most but if properly thought out it would last for a really long time even in that environment with proper maintenance.