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    simply put, this place has been very helpful to me during my lighting experiments & final decisions...i've enjoyed 4 seamless transactions & have no problem recommending them.


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    I second augidog.

    I bought a bunch (around 20) of car LED bulbs from them maybe 1 1/2 years ago to replace all the bulbs on the rear of my car with. Got ones with the maximum LED count that I could stuff in my lights (easy to find out as they have dimensions for them all).They were perfect fit & are still all holding up (even the few that were semi-submerged last winter as one of my taillights got half filled with water/ice, could not drain it till spring because it was frozen). I love the "crisp" color they give (ie red led behind red plastic light, orange behind orange...) compared to an incandescent bulb, I also like the "instant on" of the LED's when used as brake/signal lights, definitely a safety feature. They may not be quite as bright compared to a regular bulb in daylight, but the difference is very small, and my car uses 3 bulbs per side for tail/brake so the big amount of bulbs offsets this.

    Transaction was smooth, shipping fast and communication good. What more can I say. If I ever need more LED bulbs that's where I will get them!

    Oh, and I recently actually DID find similar LED bulbs in an auto accessory store - they had laughable LED counts (like 9 to 15 LED's, where as my signal light ones from this seller have 40, I think the brake/tail have around 36, can't remember exactly...), the ones in the store cost about 3 times as much - makes a BIG difference when buying 20 of them... AFAIK neither the ones from the online seller or the store were DOT approved (not that I care), so that's not where the price difference is coming from.

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    nice site :)
    that's a keeper ;)
    thanks !
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    Dealextreme also sells some LED auto bulbs. I have no idea as to their quality, but, the prices are good. Deliveries can take a while, though.