Crashes A helmet probably would not have helped

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    Very sad story, Gh0stRider. You have to wonder what was going on with the truck driver.

    PS - I had to cut 'n paste the link to make it work. I tried to fix the link, but it wouldn't cooperate.
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    If you are a commercial drvier, you can't even have .001 BAC to be considered under the influence. Even cough syrup or nyquill can cause a person to be impaired. It's a shame people have to die before anyone takes notice. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims.
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    I am a commercial truck driver (Hazmat, doubles, triples, tankers).

    Yes, you are right that it is considered illegal to consume even cold medicine that has alcohol, but it would take probably 1 bottle of Nyquil in 1 hour to read on a breathylizer.

    The comments section of the link

    says that the driver was "checking paperwork" when he moved through an intersection and collided with the multiple bikes and a car.

    This is terrible. I hate to even use my phone when I'm driving. Multiple lane municipal roads are very dangerous because of the relatively high speeds (30-60mph, trucks do not stop quickly and there are quick change lights!!!)
    and because of the huge number of entrance/exit/driveway/intersection points all along, plus sidewalks, trails, and yards. Remember this on your motoredbikes, and be careful.

    Sad to hear of your loss(es).
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    Happy..., I was a dispatcher for a trucking company and one of my drivers got busted at a supercoupe (scalehouse) when they did a full inspection of the truck and found a bottle of banned cough syrup and he got a ticket and a drug test (urine) on the spot !!! Driving a big rig is a serious job and in my neck of the woods, ten years ago, a driver from Oakley trucking kiiled 2 high school kids when he crossed the median (SB into NB traffic) and cut the girls Camero in half. The driver blew a .016 BAC which is double drunk for CDL drivers in Calif. None of the victims were family but it is sad to see innocent people die.