A huasheng 49cc on an occ stingray bike

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    I am weary of looking around, I cant figure out if this 4 stroke engine will go on an occ stingray bike. After the v mount and then the mounting plate I dont think it will fit and I havent seen any occ choppers with it on it. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thanks for the reply, Patrick.W (see below I was unable to reply but I could edit this) My hope is to make it fit without modifying the bike, but I know the motor will fit inside the center frame area, its the special mount for these stretch frames and then the plate that I think will make it too high so I would have to mount it differently. Maybe just mount the plate to the frame without the V frame adapter I bought. But like I said I have never seen any of these hua-sheng 4 strokes on the occ chopper but I have seen bigger motors done with bike frame modes. I dont want to modify the frame, what I have seen if you want more power you can get good quality high horsepower motors that will fit on this frame without cutting out the seat post. Like the morini s6 9.4 hp.

    Me, I need this bike for transportion, really, its not for fun at all, I just decided I wanted something that was more stylish than a huffy v frame because I have some vanity. I think those Whizzer motors they sell from tiawan on ebay would work ok and I love the fact that they sound like motorcylces, but I want to get this thing going for under $400 I am already into it for over $300 bike, bars, seat, and grips.
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    Welcome to MBc. I have no first-hand knowledge of the fit, but if you have it, try it. I know that many members have various members have fit various motors to that bike. I'm sure that you can find a way to do it. As they say...Improvize, adapt, and overcome. Hoo Rah! Go for it.