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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Simon_A, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Simon_A

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    This one looks interesting as a donor frame for a cruiser


    Okay 3amigo's are the classic "dodgy brothers" dealer. But wont judge the bike till I look at one this afternoon (if they have any in stock).

    If its good I will grab one and transfer my HT engine to it to free up my existing frame for "project Polini" (the adelaidians know what I mean by that) ;):):D

    This one also looks good

    But backpedal brakes wouldnt be good at any speed.
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  2. sparky

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    Uhh... are you gonna fabricate a rack-mount for your HT?? Because there's not enough space in the Tijuana for a frame-mount.

    Not trying to discourage you. Full suspension is the only way to go, IMO (nearly impossible with frame-mounts)... but I just don't want you to think it'll be easy to make it work.
  3. Simon_A

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    Well it just shows pictures can be deceiving.

    I could fit a harley twin in there with room to spare.

    In fact it is stupidly big, I mean how big are people from Tijuana?

    I am 6 foot tall and the frame is huge for even me. I couldnt even straddle the frame, let alone sit on the seat.

    If the bike was a normal size it would be good. Has disks front and rear, it also has the mounts for normal brakes on the frame. So I could switch the back disk setup for a normal pull setup and use the disk mount for a sprocket.

    But having a bike I have to lean at 45 degrees just to straddle when not moving is silly.
  4. jared3377

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    WOW!--I'd love to motorize that second one, the "Mexicali" was it? Nice, and thanks for sharing! :grin:
  5. Simon_A

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    Both bikes were quite good.

    If I could take the disk brakes off the Tijuana and put them on the mex, it would be a good bike to build.

    The Mex is the better bike except the double spoke count and the fact it only has back pedal brakes. My V brakes when wet have a real problem with stopping my bike. As I found out on the adelaide meet. So backpedal brakes would be suicide.

    Really nice designed frames though, wish they would have worked. Oh well.
  6. TWalker

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  7. Simon_A

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    The Puma GTS looks a lot like the Mexicali.
  8. Oh bummer they are so big, I'm a short arse so definatly no good for me, the number of spoke would be issue for the sprocket, but man them wheels look killer.
    I had never been on there site or to the shop, I had seen what the sell on the back of the TV guide and my sister bought her 11yr old a mountain bike from them with discs etc for xmas.
    I was there xmas day when they wheeled it out to the lounge, in my sisters eyes it was a good buy, in my 11 year old nephews eyes it was killer, in my 15 yr old nephews eyes this was better than his and would be good for "stoppies" and "jumps"
    So before the 11 yr old had a chance the 15 year old is flat out down the road for a big spec stoppie to show his little bro what to do, it did it, but when it came back down the rear wheel colapsed, mmm, I went in side and hid.
    Anyway I just had a look, man they are cheap, probably worth buying to salvage parts.
    I like this one http://www.threeamigos.com.au/Mehico.htm
  9. Simon_A

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    Yep, looked at the Mehico too, the frame is kids size.
  10. djase10

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    I may look at that 1, being 6'4.
  11. Mountainman

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    that's funny -- how big are those people from Tijuana ??
    I live just across the border from Tijuana --
    most are not that big ---
    making it easier for them to jump the fence into the US
    and if riding a MB
    they would perfer a very light small frame
    so as to avoid detection !!

    and as we say -- Ride That Thing _ Mountainman
  12. thescooterguy

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    i really like that Mexicali also . love that seat and the long frame , could do without the flames . and would try to get a three speed internal for the rear hub . i emailed to see if they would ship to Oregon . i would just take a bare frame do the rest myself . the price looks good . i would get rid of the one piece crank . all i want is the frame , i like all those spokes but would sacrifice that for other more important things
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  13. customcruiser

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    ok i have the tijuana as a regular bike but will soon be buying a zbox z-80 kit and fitting it yes some modification may be needed but will be ok now to answer some questions the disc brakes come off i assembled myne in the shop and rode home the discs bolt onto a sorta nut i guess then spin onto the hub like a normal freewheel and wont come off as when u brake it tightens it has 3piece cranks stock and silver kmc chain crappy plastic brake levers big wide handlebars triple treeforks the space is huge between the seat and forks it has kenda flame tyres 26.2.5 cheepo rims i haven noticed and wheel or frame flex when i ride i am only 5ft9 and it makes me its ***** it is a heavy sod about 17kg has mechanical disc brakes plastic pedals decent headstem but crappy brand impossible to bunny hop yet alone do a wheelie big springer seat had front and back mudgaurds but were very crappy build qaulity so i removed and threw them i will take some pictures and upload in a few weeks when i get back from qld

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  14. thescooterguy

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  15. Simon_A

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    Wow man, that frame looks great, you could do so much with that frame as a base for a build.
  16. thescooterguy

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    i know , they havnt answered my email at all . will try to call them , that is great frame