A Kit that will last atleast a year

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stratplyr, May 13, 2014.

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    I am currently living in Belize, and i will be here for the next year and a half. My only mode of transportation is a bicycle, cars are not allowed on the island i am on and a full fledged motorcycle is not the best investment for me at the moment. I will be coming back to USA in a few months and want to bring back an engine conversion kit. I don't mind bringing back a full kit and an extra engine, however i would prefer to have something that is a bit reliable. I have built a kit before and would like to have the same thing here.

    The bike i am using is a single speed Belizian junker that cost me $80, but it works and there are a ton of bicycle repair shops that are willing to fix anything that breaks down on me. I have yet to see anyone else with a motor kit but the island i am on is a perfect location for them. I know reliability and Chinese bicycle engine kits don't go together but statistically what are my best options? What extras should i bring with me? is it a good idea to bring an extra engine? what about filters? the conditions are extremely dusty here.

    My budget is $300 max.
    Ideally i would like to have gearing options, but seeing as my bike is a single speed without any gears i don't mind forgoing this.

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    reliable or cheap pick one as your not going to get both
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    If I were you I'd still go with the happy time. Go ahead and bring back a spare engine as well. They're inexpensive enough. And if you never use that spare engine, then the total equipment you have --bike plus engine kit plus spare engine-- ought to have some value sold locally. I wouldn't be surprised if you made a profit.

    If your conditions are dusty, then maybe you should upgrade your air filter. A few of the vendors here have some available. I can't remember offhand just who does.

    But it seems to me that sickbikeparts.com does.
  4. crassius

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    reliability depends on the riders ability to keep small adjustments in order

    depending on a bicycle mechanic for this sounds like trouble waiting to happen

    single-speed bike with coaster brake sounds like trouble

    while in US, I'd look for a $25 bike with real brakes & several speeds
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    :iagree: If you pick "cheap", it's going to cost you a lot of money to operate the motorized bicycle as parts will always be failing on the bike; requiring frequent replacement.
    if you pick "reliable', it's going to cost you a lot more money from the start, but you will get from point A - B, without needing to replace parts every 15 minutes.
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    Are you boating or flying for your trip to the US?
    And how far away?

    I think it would be a costly mistake to try to take a whole engine kit back with you as luggage these days with all the fees.

    Well there ya go, just book another seat to hold a couple engine kits, that will sure save you money.

    Hard to call without knowing the to and from but there are always options.
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    I agree, buy 2 kits so you have spare parts cause you never know what your going to need but your guaranteed almost to have to replace something.
    By the way guys I sold my shifter bike a week and a half ago. Gave him all the extra parts, motor, wheel basically everything I had. I put it on craigslist for what I had in it witch was quite a bit after replacing all the drive train on it and it sold in 3 days witch was unbelievable cause I thought it would take 2 months and I really miss it. Oh well maybe Ill put another one together someday.