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    My name Jody Swaney.. I'm old, bald, male and married. I pick up my first motorized bike tomorrow. I'm very excited about it. If you would like to know more about me simply ask. My e-mail is swaney3@gmail.com my # is 8042968995 text or email any time.

  2. hi welcome to the site i have the same problem but i'm 44
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    My maiden voyage actually turned out to be 47 miles. Homeland Security wouldn't allow the bike on the train so I decided to ride it. It went great. Unfortunately I ran out of gas and had to do a mix in the tank and got my ratio all screwed up. Too much oil. I topped off the tank today and it's closer to right. I id however buy a new gas can and a special mixing syringe so I know my mix is right once I get thru this tank. I love the machine and have added a big basket on the back for carrying groceries etc and a speedometer. The big is very heavy and I am too to my average speed is closer to 22 then 35 but that's plenty fast for me. I am super impressed with the way that little engine can push my huge *** up a hill.
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    Hey man- I love your bike frame. What is it and where did you buy it? I want that frame for my next build. It's really sharp.
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    It's a Schwinn Riverside.. I bought the bike complete, so I'm not sure where the actual frame was purchased.
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    thats awesome. a 47 mile ride for your first trip. sounds super fun. where were you coming from?
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    Oceanside California to Santee California...