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  1. grinningremlin

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    I'm wanting to do a little poll between me and another poster who kind of "asked for it".I suggested to him "let's post pics of our bikes and see who's get picked as No.1".Though I doubt he'll take me up on it, any suggestions for pic authentication?It sure would be good fun spirited ribbing, which I can dish out.

  2. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Pic authentication?

    Hold a sign with your username, while standing next to the bike??
  3. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Not a bad idea there Sparky.I'll add the date to the username to give it a little more.First, I don't even think he owns a MAB, or the nads to put up or shut up.
  4. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    well then let's see your bike then at least.
  5. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Be patient, by the end of the day I'll put up my official challenge, with pics of both my bikes.
  6. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Coolest bike challenge:Calling out [Pm for username]

    This a little tongue-in-cheek call out to [PM for username].He wussed out, and had the admins remove his name, proving to me he doesn't own a MAB.
    I want him to put up pics of his bikes and let you guys decide who has the cooler bikes.
    I guess the big-dogs here should decide what they're judged on, but I suggest "overall build-utility-looks" be in there.My guess is [PM for username] will never put up pics, lets give him a week and then it's all comers, I'll put my recumbent "Lumpy" against any ride here.
    You must post new pics with your handle and the date (you can barely make out mine).
    "Disclaimer":This is for fun, if you get offended somehow, tough toenails.

    Bridgestone MB5, GEBE, EH035, ultra storage
    Sun EZ-Sport, GEBE, Tanaka PF4000, compound curve walnut with oak stripe fenders, glove leather seat cover, WWII german rucksack-panniers, Velokit fairing.

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  7. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    3 trash cans on the bike?
    It's a different look and concept for sure.
    Do you ever come out of a store and find trash in them?
  8. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    My bike is the lead prime mover and the second "B" Prime Mover is the next door neighbour's bike, making the trailer train 85 feet long, front to back.

    Now instead of a paultry 10 trailer arrangement, i want to see 3 prime movers connected together, hauling a 500 lb, 12 trailer setup, making for a full 100 feet trailer train being hauled up a 10% gradient.

  9. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    No not yet.It makes one hell of a grocery getter, I can also carry my travel guitar in the back, cords, effects boxes and amp on the front.
    I got tired of seeing beer cans in the bar ditches, so I go pick them up, both front and rear filled brings about $7 to $8, so about $2.50 to $3 an hour to ride my bike and stay in shape, and I found this 4lb aluminum wrench the other day.
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    Fabian, bikes only, as jealous as I am of your hauling abilities.
  10. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    No need to be jealous, just get two bicycle trailers; preferably a male and female bicycle trailer and place them in the garage, complete with suitable mood lighting. Come back in a few months time to see if you can hear the pitter patter sound of little baby trailers.

    That's how i did it, but i threw a few Viagra's into the tonic water to make sure the male trailer got the job done, and didn't give the female trailer a chance to have a rest :wink:


    I agree that it about bikes and an inescapable fact is that my bike is the lead prime mover.
  11. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    BA HA HA HA!If there were a witticism competition here, it'd be between you and Lud.Do you rent out the stud trailer to trailer breeding ranches?How about a little Barry White for trailer love?"OOOOHHH baby, I love how your wheels sit on either side of your,...stuff".
    I'm probably going to do something along these lines http://www.geneandsue.com/bike_trailer/bike_trailer.htm
    I'm still kind of sketchy on pulling trailers but must have more cargo.
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  12. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    One of the non-motorized bike forums has a "build-off" every year. The competitive event showcases a lot of innovation and resourcefulness.
  13. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    I wouldn't have the time nor inclination to build a bike, I still don't own all the DIY tools for bike repair.Music/water/food/shelter/everything else, are my priories.
    This was just a goof to call out Richard H., I could tell from his talk he didn't own a bike, and wanted him to put up or shut up,... he's shut up well so far.
  14. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I'm not around this board much anymore but I just saw this and I'm going to jump in right here because I think this is foolish. I don't think this forum was meant to be used in this way and it's a tad more mean spirited than I'm comfortable with. If I'm taking this personal, so be it, Rich is my son. Now the last thing he'd want is me butting in and while I probably won't agree with everything he does I know he doesn't deserve this kind of carp that IMO borders on bullying. He's a full time student and a pretty good kid who makes his dad proud keeping a 3.9 GPA while holding down a part time job at a LBS and still finds time and interest to lend a hand on my hobby of refurbishing bikes. In fact I'd guess he's been around more two wheelers longer than many folks on this forum. He's been around motored bikes since he was 15 and built or help me build a few dozen. If he wants to post pics here, that's his business, same if he doesn't. I've got a lot of pics, many he has shot for me, but he knows since I sell bikes how much I dislike anything that looks like spam. I don't mean to disrespect or embarrass anyone and expect the same. Personally I think you need to reconsider what you're going on about here.
  15. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Everybody is proud of their children, mainly because they turn the other way, or aren't aware of their actions; they're most certainly not miracles.Your son has hassled me on a number of occasions, most of which I just let slide with a minor jab back.Recently he called me a fruit sight unseen, twice, when I was just making a comment relating to the post.If he's man enough to provoke/bully he should be able to take the licks.
    I'm assuming you didn't teach him to act like that.I come here for info and the occasional comment.If he's affected by so-called internet bullying, maybe he should toughen up, or not provoke others.I'll leave your little man alone if he does the same.
  16. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Seriously, i don't understand this whole concept of so called "bullying".
    People are so hyper sensitive these days and just need to take a tablespoon of cement and toughen up.

    When i started my apprenticeship, the new first year apprentice was initiated with a fire ritual, buy wrapping the apprentice in toilet paper and setting him on fire, just for long enough to singe the hair on his body, before putting him out with a fire extinguisher. I will admit that i did suffer some painful blisters, as i was set on fire for a little bit longer than usual because i protested my "rights", but the senior tradesmen made it a point to prove that an apprentice has "not one single "right", being the slave of the most wicked and deviously kinky tradesman, simply used for his sexual pleasure.

    In the machine shop, the common initiation was for 1st year apprentices to have an air powered grease gun shoved up their pooper and a good dose of grease squirted up their pipe.

    In the welding shop the common practice was for 1st year apprentices to be lifted 2 stories above the ground by the winch crane and left hanging by the elastic straps on their bib and brace overalls whilst everyone went for their half hour lunch break. If the elastic straps didn't break and the apprentice didn't fall to the ground landing on a bunch of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, the senior tradesman would cut him free and he would fall to the ground that way.

    All i am saying is that this generation of men has lost it's toughness.
    Bullying, oh please don't bore me with the newly designed term created by feminist legislators.

    If you are being bullied, suck it up and start giving it back
  17. siouxindian

    siouxindian Member

    man Fabian im glad i did not want to work in a machine shop lol!!i never heard of stuff like that .
  18. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, and the paint shop was the best place to be when the new apprentice was initiated, because when he went to use the toilet cubicle, the senior guys put their bodies up against the outside of the door so he couldn't escape and threw about a 1 litre (a quart) of highly explosive solvent underneath the door and set it on fire.

    It was amazing to see a column of flame shooting out the top and bottom of the cubicle, and then to see the released apprentice with his hair and eyebrows singed off; sometimes they had to put him out with a fire extinguisher as his clothes caught on fire.

    Oh yes, those were the Good'Ol'Days
  19. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    That sort of stuff was common in Australia 20 years ago, but then the feminist legislators got into power and started wrecking a perfectly good system.

    A friend of mine is a Master Electrician and employed an apprentice 2 years ago. Frustratingly, he still hasn't electrocuted the guy, and keeps complaining that these days apprentices have "rights".
  20. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    This generation has lost it's sense of toughness, without any question - kids of today and some adults would have nervous breakdowns at even half of the stuff i went through as an apprentice, but that kind of stuff turns you from a boy into a man, especially when immolation practices are used by senior staff on junior staff.

    You either survive, or you don't, but if you survive, you can take anything that life can dish out, no matter how bad it is, because nothing is worse than being set on fire, by people who are employed in a position to care for your welfare!