A little incident on a country road

It makes me stiff with rage that people do that sort of thing. Get as much as possible out of them in the courts.

Hey all! You might not remember me because I was only on the board for about a month or two starting in January '08. I was dead broke and looking for some form of inexpensive transportation to make the 13-mile commute to work with. Then I got hit by an SUV (why is it always an SUV?) while commuting to work on my (nonmotorized) 12-speed Alpine, and hassles with the driver's insurance company took up all my spare time. Anyway, for those of you who DO remember, and for the benefit of those who may find themselves in a similar situation, it's all over now, and I finally got my settlement this month! Here are some of the highlights of the ordeal.

:mad: The cop never spoke to me at the scene because I was being tended to by paramedics, so he never gave the driver a ticket because he didn't know if I was going with or against traffic. I called him a few days after and filled him in on what had happened and asked him to A) amend the police report with my side of the story so the insurance company wouldn't have any room to wiggle out of their liability, and B) give the jerk a ticket so he'll remember he has to SHARE THE ROAD no matter how large his vehicle is. The cop never did either one, and sure enough, because of the information missing from the police report, the insurance company decided it needed to do an investigation, delaying my settlement for months while I was struggling to pay the medical bills.

:D My hospital bill came out to about $11,000.00. I sent the bill to the insurance company and basically told the hospital I was dead broke and couldn't pay them. They gave me a "financial assistance" form to fill out and send back. They reviewed the form and dropped my bill to less than $1000.00. I forgot to tell the insurance company about this, what with all the excitement and everything. :cool:

:D The insurance company finally settled with me for $25,000.00 -- $11,000.00 for the hospital bill, $2000.00 for the orthopedic care, and $12,000.00 for pain, suffering (or, as I prefer to see it, for having to deal with them for five months).

The transportation problem that brought me here has been solved. The first thing I did was buy a Currie Mountain Trailz electric bike to ride to work on. Ignore the Currie naysayers. It may not be the fastest electric bike on the market, but it turned that grueling 1.5-hour, hilly 13-mile commute into a 45-minute breeze, and with two 10-amp-hour battery packs on it, I have a range of well over 30 miles with light pedaling, even if I have to climb a few steep hills. I was pretty happy with it...until I saw a picture of AugieDog's Currie gas-electric hybrid. And I'm buying a used car from a friend next weekend...which I intend to use as little as possible, especially after I make a gas-electric hybrid out of MY Currie!

Anyway...for those of you who are in my position, and from other cycling forums I've browsed, you are legion, hang in there and don't give up, and don't be afraid to be aggressive with the insurance company. It's all they understand. And if you disagree with the police report, ask the officer to amend it, and follow up to make sure he does it. Cops are lazy as **** about paperwork. :eek:

Robert, congratulations!

Your story was troubling. Someone mentioned something about "stiff with rage" over these idiots getting off with a slap of the wrist after they have used something with the characteristics of some weapons of war on another human being and then saying something lame like "I didn't see you". I'm angry right now just thinking about it.

but your story has at least worked out fairly well. I'm troubled about that cop's indifference, though. Anyway, it's good to hear that things worked out well. And it sounds like you got a good bike out of the deal.
Glad it's working out as well as can be expected Bunny. I look forward to seeing your bike. I once worked in the insurance industry (not selling it), so something that might be appropriate to mention here: This is for anyone who might find themselves dealing with an insurance company. If an insurance company starts to act like they might jerk you around. A. Let them know (preferably politely) that if you are not satisfied, you will be contacting your State Insurance Commissioner with your complaint; and B. Contact that Commissioner if you do have a complaint. Silly as it seems in these days of revolving-door government appointed jobs, the Commissioner probably does track such things in case anyone ever asks what they really do for a living.
That's a good result. Glad things worked out from this unfortunate situation.
well at times it is not best to wish to settle fast - that's up to you
maybe -- even when we wish to - settlement can come VERY SLOWLY..

how it works at many times ---

doctor bills times three --
1/3 for doctors
1/3 for lawyer
1/3 for you

I would want to straighten out the police report
sometimes later on - we realize that - we have more injuries than thought

Ride That Thing - Mountainman
yea something kinda like that just happened in my town in marysville but they thought the guy was dead and took of but they got caught for a hit and run later justice serves at times
Glad to hear you weren't injured any worse. Doesn't take much to get killed on 2 wheels.

Be 100% honest in giving the cop details about your accident. ALSO,,, be sure to read over the police report,,, & be in total agreement with it,,,, BEFORE you sign !!! One little mistake can cost you the entire case !