A little video!!!



Ethan and I helped our friend Miguel build a motorized bike. here's a little video clip of me, up to my antics, and some pics. click the link for the video.

And at last, Miguel the Hun, and his bike. he kind of looks like a cross between a hun and a Tuscan Raider with those goggles on! hahaha! in his defense, the high was around 19 degrees today and he rode the bike over to the shop.



i LOVE it!!!

i wear a scarf and goggles with my helmet in the colder temps...now i have a pretty good idea of what i look like.

the install looks to be pretty basic, maybe a good idea putting the cdi under the tank.

all in all, a neat looking build, say hi to miguel for me 8)


That was a fun bike to build, and went together amazingly quickly.
There may be some more bits and pieces being switched out soon, but it looks cool so far too.
You're right Heath, he does look like a Tuscan Raider, except on Planet Hoth.


it was definitely a fun build. especially with Miguel getting p*ssed to no end at how many times he had to remove and install the drive sprocket! hahahaha! Ethan and i like to convert the bikes we build into single speed bikes before we install the engine. it just makes for a nice clean uncluttered look.
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