a long and arduous journey....

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    ha ha!

    right, i did it! the huasheng is back in action, on a bike, and!(hitting wood profusely) reliable!

    so...to wit.

    i first put this on a bike 9 months ago.

    26"rim used 11t:45t,*12t:70t

    or a 23.8:1 in total gave good results. the rim size is important with direct drive systems! it was roughly 50km/h, about what i calculated it would.

    then it died. see other thread. whatever. its now a zombie :ack2: or jesus? :bowdown:

    so i decided to do it justice, by pulling my very first motorized pushy outta the scrap! a speedwell "wedge" that had the original shimano disc brake on a 3speed hub ...erm, they really got lost in the scrap heap... :whistling:

    so this time, i was using 20" rims. with the same sprockets, i had a great tractor, that would do about 20km flat out :) but did tow a small car.... with a pushie?! :thinking: wtf?!

    changed to a 44t on the wheel. also had to cut that thread for the sprocket...48spoke hub!

    now the final ratio is 11t:45t*12t:44t...

    or 15:1...exactly...? really? i just worked that out then.... lets see. 44/12*45/11=15.... ok then....

    well, its good. a lil bit too high, but so what? 16 may have been better... the 44t was what i had handy. plus its also good not to make a single chain redux evenly divisible... evens out any wear and stops harmonics.

    then the clutch collapsed. a maxtorque centrifugal, that are quite cheap and nasty. in the US...here, theyre still expensive! very low engage speed, always dragging, noisy. then it started running out of balance, til the vibration was bad enough to crack the frame! :helmet:

    i have now combined the maxtorque with a heavy duty mccullough chainsaw clutch. it engages predictably, i can keep the engine flat out, theres no sore hands or feet or butt...

    so, there you a. a good clutch is vital...

    and wow, its REALLLy smooth now....

    140mm sinz cranks from ebay. sealed BB. this bike is smooooooth.

    and so far, the best ive made :D what maturity recults in...except for losing the license bit :p

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    where does your clutch cable attach on? i have a 49cc huasheng in frame and have no clue...it has a hoot stage 2 gearbox
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    erm, look at the pics... centrifugal clutch and chains. no cable. no gearbox. and if the "hoot" is the one i think it is....you got yourself a lemon, sir :)