A Look Back



I never regerstered untill a little while ago but I remember when this site just was up and running. It was pretty bare. Its really neat to see how far the site has expanded and all the knowledgeable people that are now a part of this site.

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Protecting your Hardley

Watch out David, I have photability now!! We don't need no small equipment conversation. 8)
When I got near Biker Week in Daytona, I was calling them Hardly Davidsons.

! To protect your Hardly, the fatter the saddle, the better. I get the standard equipment 10" gel seat for $35, and the 12" is about 10 bucks extra. The shock absorber seatpost is $18.


So, has anybody found anything new in the saddle department?
A regulation "saddler" built a shop nearby, wonder if we can start putting leather over one of these gelseats.
Leather cover

Cool, I have a gel seat. If I had a leather cover that would be awsome.