A Man and His Dog

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    Mike, that was great. Skidboot was truly a very talented dog, and the type of dog that comes along once in a lifetime.
    I have the good fortune to have a very special dog in my life. He has been in my life a couple months shy of two years, and has had a profound effect on me. His name is Cocoa, and he's an English Springer Spaniel who I rescued in July of 2007.
    He was in a less than ideal situation, and was going to be given up to a rescue along with a second Springer who happened to be one of Cocoa's sons. I was contacted, made the call to the owner and went to see both dogs. Because both dogs were intact males and also "Alpha" males, they were crated over 20 hours a day. In otherwords, they did not get along with each other and could not be out of their crates at the same time.
    I arranged to come out and look at the dogs, with the intent of adopting one. The older one, Cocoa was the one I met first. This dog must have known what was going on, and despite being timid of strangers (according to the owner at the time) went out of his way to impress me. I'm sure he chose me as much as I chose him.
    To make a long story short, after meeting both dogs I went home to make my decision and chose Cocoa. I chose him because he warmed up to me so quickly, as well as the fact he was the older dog. He was eight at the time, and I know older dogs are harder for rescues to find homes for.
    This was the best choice I could have made. I've had Springers before, but Cocoa is without a doubt the most outstanding Springer I've had. He's intelligent, has a very sweet disposition and he's a big 64lb bundle of love. I'm 100% sure that he chose me, as it took no time at all for him to become acclimated to his new surroundings. Also, I'm certain he acts as though he's grateful for his new lease on life.
    While watching that clip on Skidboot, Cocoa came over and put his head on my chest and watched it with me.
    Cocoa turned ten on the 12th of April. I'm hoping that I'll have another five years with him, but if I don't I'll be grateful for as much time as I do get. He has shown me the true meaning of "unconditional love". He's my "once in a lifetime" dog.

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    One of my girlfriends decided she needed to go pickup a dog from the pound about 3 months ago. She got a pit mix, but shortly after realized that she couldn't take care of it. I took the dog, because she's so lovable.

    Now she can roll over on command, play dead, and her unique trick is to crawl on command. After I realized she would do just about anything I tell her... I started to teach her to walk off-leash. I've always wanted a dog that could walk off leash in a city, and a pit that could do so would just be THAT much cooler. It took me about 2 days to train her to stay in the "gutters" of the street or the grass and never to touch the blacktop itself until I say, "Cross".

    She's an amazing dog. I'd never do this with a regular pit, but my friends and I now believe she's got some lab mixed in with her... that's why she's not aggressive in any way. I wish I had more time to put into her tricks, because I know she could be way better than Skidboot. She's still less than a year old!!
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    That's a great story ... really did me good to read it.

    I got my two dogs from a rescue shelter. I picked one and, like you, I got picked by the other. As I was paying for the little one (Missy) her big brother (Tommy) came out from amoung the bunch of other dogs and gave a gentle tug on my pants cuff. I think he knew what was going on (or at least that something "big" was happening) and that this was his chance too.

    To any one thinking about getting a dog or other pet I'd recommend going to shelter or pound and "getting picked". This a great time to do it too ... I heard on the local news that the number of pets being left at shelters has almost doubled during this economic crunch.

    Give Cocoa a pat on the head for me!
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    I Love Lucy

    This is Lucy, she was dropped off near my house & left . i took her in & got her spayed. she is great dog. she has some pit bull in her, this breed is being banned in a lot of towns in this area .Lucy is as gentle as a Lamb.

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    Good lookin' dawg!

    Pit mixes are the best dogs ever. Full-blooded pits are usually only aggressive toward other dogs; they're consistently the least aggressive toward humans, because people used to kill the "maneater" types. It's just in their blood. But pit mixes want to share their love with everyone -- man, dog, cat, or whatever.
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    Dogs Rule!

    Lucy looks cool in her blue hoody!
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    I mean this only as one friend to another and sincerely hope you'll take it that way ... just gotta remind you that any dog off its leash is at the mercy of its environment. They can get in or cause big trouble in a flash, especially around kids and traffic.

    I hope you'll reconsider using a leash. Your dog sounds like a real winner and I'd hate to think something might happen to it.

    Your friend and fellow dog lover .......
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    Yea, the dog's been getting kinda ornery lately... gonna have to bring the leash out for a while and then walk her off leash at nights.
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    Mike, yours is a great story too. Please give Missy and Tommy hugs for me.
    I wish I could have taken both Springers home with me, as both are outstanding dogs, especially considering the situation they came from. Fortunately, I kept tabs on the second dog ("Rascal") and found that he got adopted out pretty quickly through MAESSR (Mid Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue). http://www.maessr.org/dogs/ShowDog.php?Rascal III.html
    I heartily recommend looking to rescues / shelters / SPCA (etc) for a dog. In my opinion, the love you give a rescued dog is returned tenfold.
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