A mid-century two stroke Harley!

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  1. RedBaronX

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    NO, I don't know this auction lister, I was just looking at headlights, and this came up. Besides, it will be over before too many people here see it anyway

    1948 Two-Stroke H-D

    if I had a garage, I would be tempted...

  2. srdavo

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    here ya go....

    Current bid: US $2,475.00
    a little over an hour to go on the auction

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  3. GearNut

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    6 years ago I had a chance to buy one in better condition, 1950 or 1951, for $500.00
    The seller backed out at the last second and sold it so another guy for $900.00 who then in turn just buffed out the paint and turned it for $2000.00.
    About 3 weeks later the original seller came back the shop and asked me what I would have done with it. I told him I had planned on restoring it.
    He kicked himself and apologized for not selling it to me. He really wanted to follow it's restoration and perhaps ride it again, but now he had no idea who owned it or where it went to. I even had a connection to a bunch of NOS parts for it.
    Those little bikes are pretty cool, but a bit difficult to find any parts for that are not Chinese made re-pops.
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  4. RedBaronX

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    despite the fact that I live in Milwaukee, I don't have any special love for H-D. If I were to get a vintage motorcycle, there are a lot of BMW's that I love.

    or, there is this one on eBay (not that I actually have any money)

    antique dutch army matchless military motorcycle 1961
  5. wheelbender6

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    There is also a 50cc Harley-Davidson on EBay this week.
  6. Ludwig II

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    The little HD is one of the many post WW2 copies of the 125cc DKW used by the Wehrmacht. IZH in Russia, WSK in Poland, somebody (Ducati?) in Italy, BSA with the Bantam, even Yamaha.

    Not forgetting DKW's own West German production and the MZ of East Germany, which was manufactured in continuously developed versions over the years at the old DKW works in Zschopau.