A mini chopper/no pedal/under 300cc forum?

Mini chopper/bike/under 300cc no pedals forum?

  • Naw. That's a whole different breed.

    Votes: 5 21.7%
  • Yes. It will bring more people here turned on to more rides..

    Votes: 15 65.2%
  • I dunno. It may be a conflict of interest.

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • I don't vote in polls.

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Large Filipino

There was some discussion not a whole lot about having a forum that expands the fun toys out there to include mini choppers,mini bikes,go peds..anything with no pedals under 300cc. Tom suggested a possibility if there's a large interest here.
Personally I think they are almost derivatives to our motor-sport and I want to see gaucho's bikes,man,so here's a poll.
I *really* don't vote in polls I don't have a good enough opinion worth voicing.

I *do* know that graucho has made some BEAUTIFUL bikes, however.
personnally,i have some q's about a techumse engine i have!(yes i know,wrong place)it has 14hp and is yeller!it woulh be perfect for a mini chopper because of the sound
It could be a great side section to the website. Wouldn't want it to take center stage however. I know two people already who would join the forum if there was a pocket bike section.

I'm more turned on by this idea now.

Just give 'em their own section for "Other motored bikes & scooters" & let the discussions rip. It's simple mathematics: more heads are better than less heads; more ideas are better than less ideas.
So many of my mini chopper ideas carry over to motoredbiking. This is a motored "BIKE" site, but, theres a big world out there with secrets to a lot of your questions about gearing, clutches, HP, sprockets, belt drives, welding tips, 49cc electric start, frame customization. Also ive learned things from here, that have crossed over to the mini chopper world. In my opinion, this site must stay "in-tach" with maybe a single section on mini chopper-pocket bike- scooters-mopeds. This link could be a huge learning link on mods for those who are stumped, or need a fresh idea from "outside of the box" We may even pick up another thousand members that cross over to Motoredbicycling. Like me. O ya, I think we should keep it under 250cc 8.5hp
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Yes Graucho. YES!

Who knows what else is out there.

I mean soon someone's gonna see something and BANG! You have a multi geared happy time made with household parts no freewheel crank no jack shaft that anyone can duplicate.
(and we will be a better forum than that...never mind) :D

I wonder if an under 50cc mini chopper or moped is out there with a 3 speed tranny if the entire assembly is skinny enough to fit in a bicycle frame and keep the pedals and still be not a moped...
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under 49cc & pedals for me, i thought thats what we were all about? how about another .com site for that with a link here to it?