....a minimalistic mountain bike?

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    Hello all, been lurking in the bushes looking for ideas and insight....
    what are pros and cons of trying to reduce the gearing on say a 21 speed mountain bike equiped with a 80cc 2 sroke motor?
    For example:keeping only one main crank sprocket up front and using a 3speed rear hub(single sprocket) what Im trying to do is remove the gear selectors (one to remain of course)but keep as a mountain bike setup. Trying to reduce gear changing to select gears. Would that give me enough gears if right ones are selected?


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    Well, the actual bicycle gearing is not an issue unless you're using a shift kit like Sick Bike Parts offers.

    Without the shift kit the engine has one "gear" only.

    One thing you'll discover is that the front derailleur has to go when you mount a happy time motor. So you're down to one shifter, anyway. You can still use the front chainrings, by the way. But you do have to stop the bike and do that shifting with your hand. You get greasy fingers, it's true. But anyone who rides seriously is going to get that one way or another.
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    You don't HAVE to stop to shift..... remember 9-finger Louie?? he later became know as "Lefty".
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    Actually, Dave, I'm drawing a blank on "9-finger Louie". But I get the feeling that maybe he should have stopped :)

    I like your avatar, by the way. All of my old comic books from Robert Crumb (and others) crumbled into near-dust years ago. (Also my kids, about 6 or 7 yrs old at the time, were starting to get into them. I'm pretty tolerant, but I couldn't allow that to go on.) So I threw 'em out.

    But I miss them. I'll have to shop around for new reprints.