A monster Giant DH elec conversion...1000W, 48V lifepo4


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2:48 AM
Jul 22, 2008
The attraction of this solid fork, is that it would be able to handle the weight of the motor and the torque involved in whatever the upgrade.

It has what is termed as a through axle or through hub, where a tube about 30mm diameter is slid through the center of the wheel, secured by two inner threaded ends, and clamped to prevent rotation of the axle by four allen keys pinching the through axles at the fork dropout.

What I need is a cylinder with the same diameter as the throughaxle, but threaded like a 14mm nut on the inside.

I'd have to screw that spacer/axle up to the motorized hub, and lock it in place with the allen bolts.

I think it could work, and one of those big hit downhill bikes would offer rock solid security for a hub electric.

NOW MY ONLY LIMIT IS: Those silly duct tape lifepo4s...arrrggghh.