a motorized bicycle? but why?



I've been thinking for the last couple weeks what it was that got me hooked on these motorized bicycles.....and I guess for me it's a combination of things: cheap way to get around on short trips, the thing makes me feel like a kid again, my own way of making a statement to the fuel companies that I'm not gonna take it anymore, and I guess maybe some kinda inner need to be different.

But I'm sure there's tons of reasons other people have for building a motorized bicycle. For many, I'm sure it's likely their first real means of motorized transportation.....and I can only begin to imagine the many other philosophies behind getting on board. So, I'm asking....what was your reason(s)?



In no particular order

1) Insurance sucks they are worse than the Mafia as its required by law.

2) Gas Mileage is awesome allows me to spend far far less. Driving to the store sucks about 150 miles worth of gas in the car so I have to consolidate trips with the bike I do not have to.

3) Plates and taxes

4) Its fun

5) It allows me to ride a motorcycle type device without owning the real deal.

6) People always ask me about it and think its the coolest thing.


I used a bicycle for years as my only transportation, and even further considering I found out that I get cluastraphobie in the drivers seat of a car. I love motorcycles, rode a couple of friends and relatives. Yet to buy my own, as I'm only 19, haha (bet you guys didn't know that!) I found a picture of a bicycle with a motor on the frame and started looking around, first site I came across was Kingsmotorbikes, and seeing as I coudn't afford one then, I waited until a used one showed up on craigslist, Met the guy, he showed me everything about the engines and he took care of it, still running great to this day.

I guess I like it becuase it's a step into the motorcycle world, it's pretty under the radar by the law (except for my recent mishap) and a gallon of gas lasts me 2 weeks. And I secretly like the praise from random people on the street and motorcyclists. They love my bike and are amazed when I keep up with them on the streets.

And it really is just the childhood dream, ya know, wishing your bicycle was a motorcycle, it really combines both those worlds, it's pretty great.


Mine was primarily built to get me to work and back because I can't obtain a licence to drive, and it gives me the freedom to go where I want when I want and not have to rely on others to ferry me about.


In no particular order-

1. I swore I'd never own a "CCS" (cheap Chinese scooter), this allowed me the joys of "adjusting" something made in China without throwing away 999.99 plus 299 shipping.

2. Love to mess with things that go popitty pop and chug chug chug, not to mention the smell is awesome!

3. Furthers the thinking in my area that I am "just a little bit different".

4. Love to say "In yer' face" to the big oil companies.

5. Inexpensive to operate.

6. Quasi legality of operation is right up my alley.

7. Infinite "customization" possiblities at very low cost.

8. It was something new to "wrap my head around".

9. Saw this site and liked it here.

10. More fun than two of almost anything else in this price range.


Because I've toured by m/c and car but always felt limited once at my destination. The motored bike will travel by itself or on a trunk bike rack for use upon arrivel. Mine must be pedal worthy for where I want to go, running the engine may not be an option at times.
I should have built one years ago and can hardly wait for the big brown truck to get here. :cool:

go you good thing

When I am riding mine I leave all the stresses of life behind and just enjoy the freedom (sounds lame but its true!).

I like not having to pay registration and insurance as I do with my Honda scooter. My motoredbike will pay for itself in less than 2 years due to not having to pay it!

I will save a heap of $$$ by not upgrading my motocross bike as (for the moment) I am far more interested in spending far less $$ on these toys that in the end bring a similar result.

Unlike motocross bikes these bikes require some custom engineering skills and that makes it more fun. With the Yamaha I buy the part, I fit the part and it's done....boring!

In my area they have a bike track they call the Veloway and you can go from start to finish with no traffic worries....nice. I have only done small sections of it but plan to organise an official aussie ride some time soon.

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Forgot to mention.

At present rate of riding.

700 miles a month is not impossible for me. That means...

Car 25 Gallons. 90$
Bike 3.88 Gallons. = 14$

HUGE difference I say. And thats assuming my V8 is at max mpg.


Every since I was a kid I wanted to somehow motorize my bike. I was on my usual 10 mile trek on my stingray to go see my girlfriend and a guy passed me on a full blown Cushman eagle. All I could think was, WOW.
I had a gocart frame and a 1-1/2 HP engine that I got running but no type of clutch. I did the real hillbilly clutch. I mounted the motor on a 3/4 inch hunk of plywood and put a couple of door hinges on the edge. I wired the wood hinges to the frame and screwed a lift arm onto the side of the plywood. I would lock down the lift arm, start that giant 1.5 HP, jump inside and let that arm down until it just barely pulled the pully belt tight then baby the tension up and down until finaly, I could let the board or (clutch) down all the way and man o man I would be flying at 6 MPH with a 100 MPH grin.
Anyway, that is when I started on the bikes. I had an original Wizzer later with a blown jug,crank etc. All the sudden I'm 50 years old and have had umpteen motorcyles, cars etc, but the kid came back out when I seen the ads on Ebay and yup, hooked again!!!!
sorry abouth the long story! Carried away! :)


Wow....some truly interesting responses, each and every one of them. And most of them also apply to me as well. Thanks for all the replies and by all means, keep them coming.