a motorized bicycle? but why?



Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in over a year and imagine my surprise when I logged on today and found one of my old posts still on the first page. I'll try to drop in more regularly this summer. Guess it's time to fire the bike up again.


I built Gizmo because for the price of a tank of gas last summer, I could literally build myself a way to work. I really like being able to put something together, and then have it take me 32 miles in one day... and have it cost $120 bucks. Anybody can go BUY a motorcycle or a scooter. It takes a special sort of crazy to build a motorized bike!



Jun 19, 2008
Because I cannot pedal my bicycle 50 mph.

W00t! It's nice to still pedal while going that fast, and watch the reactions of people in their cars, when it appears to them you are pedaling that fast, LOL.

And also, it costs less than $5 in gas for a round trip to go to the beach over 75 miles each way, while when I had a car, I was always saving my gas so I could drive to work, so I went to the beach MUCH less.

In fact, I find myself traveling to more places than ever on the motorized bicycle, compared to driving the car.


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May 5, 2009
Well, since I'm only 15 and the driving age is 16+, I like have a MB to rip around on, drive to school and to friend's houses and such. It's just nice to have something to tinker with, also.


Dec 9, 2008
since im only 14 i got one to get out of my house whenever i wanted to and not when my mom would take me somewhere plus i cant start driving for another year. i use it for going to friends house, the walmart and home depot and other places. plus its the closest thing i'll have to a motercycle till im 18.
and it gives me something to do when is broke. and to show off.
beats pedaling. lol


Aug 10, 2008
I remember reading popular mech. magizine when I was a kid ( mid 70's ) and seeing the bike bug engines and some others. I always wanted one, But never did get one. Got old enough to drive cars and motorcycles, and soon any thoughts about bikes were gone.
Wasn't cool to ride a bike unless it was a KZ-900. Then Last year I was watching a tv show about Green stuff like bio diesel and such, Then they showed a bike called the derringer from a shop in L.A., It was a board trac racer look alike with a Happy-Times kit installed. I then had to have one, and the rest is history...

robin bird

Feb 25, 2009
In no particular order

1) Insurance sucks they are worse than the Mafia as its required by law.

2) Gas Mileage is awesome allows me to spend far far less. Driving to the store sucks about 150 miles worth of gas in the car so I have to consolidate trips with the bike I do not have to.

3) Plates and taxes

4) Its fun

5) It allows me to ride a motorcycle type device without owning the real deal.

6) People always ask me about it and think its the coolest thing.

ALL OF THE ABOVE REASONS PLUS I AM CRAZY--HONESTLY THO--now being retired cheap long distance trips