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    BARRACUDA MTB a new build, its a "livefast' rear mount chaindrive kit

    Here is my first project. Its going to be a bike built for a 4 mile each way commute to work. I bought a livefast kit, rack mount 40cc 2 stroke it was 220 shipped on ebay. I have the manual and like some , i hope this type of rack mount thing be strong enough. If not , of course ill mod the heck out of it. Here is my frame and wheels and a few parts that i have that may make the final cut.

    I have been pedal-only for a quite a while, I can do this 4 miles in 15-17 minutes very easily, hoping to get it to 8-9 minutes. It is very flat and slightly downhill on the way there and vice versa, a very simple ride. So i only need one gear really..:grin: I have always wanted to build a single speed bike. So that is going to the the build, a single speed mountain bike, and a chain drive 40cc rack mount booster for the straights. :grin: very light and very reliable, not gearing to mess with If this kit works solid I am going to switch this one to another GT Ricochet 27 speed bike and put a frame mount engine in this barracuda next, but i need to keep the GT active right now so i can pedal to work. This barracuda is from the old Ross- barracuda company that used to build great American made bikes. This is a 95 cuda comp frame 19 inch, beefy, but weighing in at a hefty 2.9 lbs :cool:. It is actually a downhill competition bike that retailed for 2000 in some configurations. It came to me for 51 shipped, as a frame and an LX bottom bracket. I have collected a disc- deore front wheel for like, nothing, on ebay, and a set of very true and new Femco wheels 559 MTB wheels, just an absolutely sick price of 9.99 on ebay :shock:, and a part of 175mm Suntour cranks for 20.00... So i need a headset and front fork, bars, neck, a seatpost and have plenty of seats. The live fast kit should be here any day now. Hope its not a total junker, this kit needs to be mild and tame also so i can put it on the wifes bike later. The Ill try to build another that will do 14,000 rpms. lol

    So i will have single speed
    front disc brake, 6 inch hayes
    rear tektro v-brakes
    rock shox disc fork

    I started this thread so I would perhaps make sure that i finish this project. So give me a hard time if its not done by a month. :grin: Actually I was torn for a while over building one with a motor, because I was afraid that maybe I wont want to ride anymore without one. I hope that does not happen, because I like the exercise from pedaling.

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    cool project...
    did you get the friction or chain drive?
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    i went with the chain drive, figured if i bought a happytime kit later for one of the other bikes, at least this wheel would be ready. I like the idea of a belt though, but it looks like the chain is cheaper and easy to mess with, from what i have seen i m going to be making my own chain tensioner, i have seen a few nice ones on here and i have a background in dirtbikes and atv's so i have some ideas.. i actually think this bike would be very cool with a frame mount HT kit and the long board track style tank later...:grin:
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    So I talked to them now, and the item is hopefully going to be shipped out by Friday. Ebay end date of 6-14, and now its the 25th.
    A guy said he was waiting on a part.
    I told him i was reviewing the kit in this thread
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    I asked about the possibility of a refund, so i could just order a frame mount and now he says that it has been shipped. lol not off to a good start with livefast
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    now after I have asked for a refund, he wrote me back and said ok the package is being intercepted and you will be refunded everything minus the shipping charges. Now I lose 70 bucks shipping in the blink of an eye. I never agree to have it intercepted and all that. I wonder if I should protest with ebay or paypal.