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    I, like most of you, am very interested in motored bikes. I recently started in on a project of restoring a vintage CCM cruiser from the 50ies and retrofitting it was a Grubee 48cc Black Sky Hawk Angle Fire vs.GRUBEE SkyHawk GT2B 48cc. Good Idea right...next time I'll try a different angle.

    I'm now struggling with the Grubee 48cc Black Sky Hawk engine as It was shipped badly by Gasbike.net. The tank was punctured (which I've now braised). the Carb cover was crushed (now re-glued), the clutch mechanism doesn't function as its supposed to yet (I'm working on it). I haven't got any answer from Gasbike.net for the shipping problems, even though I've tried emailing (4 times) and calling (twice).

    So...you can say I'm a man with a beef.

    I love what I'm doing and can't wait to ride my bike but, I'm afraid that this wont happen until next spring (winter's coming, and the engine still isn't ready).

    So it goes right.

    -Jordan Turner

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    Welcome to MBc.
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    sorry to hear that man, you never know how lucky u r till u talk to somebody really unlucky! Thats a quote from my long gone father in a drs. office. but info is of the greatist importance. please post again if u get an answer from this co. im fixin to order a lot of stuff & gasbikes was on the list?