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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by boardtracker, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. boardtracker

    boardtracker Guest

    I'm about to start on a new bike project since the frame on my motorbike has develped a couple of cracks in the frame that look pretty terminal. I've been push starting my old bike for a while, so...the new bike will not have pedals. Instead I want to remove the crank and use the barrel as a jackshaft with a one to one cog, drive side will be on the right for the chain, and have an internal three speed shift rear hub. Has anyone else tried this :?


  2. joeranton

    joeranton Guest

    I think u could do that, but I am goin to try the same thing, but have a 7 sprocket set on my rear tire and use the deraileur gears. This will probably make for an easier push start, faster acceleration, more gears, higher top speed, and ultimately better MPG.
  3. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    I don't think you can push start a bike with a derailleur. When you pop the clutch, the slack in the chain will move from the bottom to the top, and you chain will probably come off.
  4. joeranton

    joeranton Guest

    I just thought about that and it would happen exactly as you put it. The top of the chain has to have some tension so it doesn't give any slack. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Now I am back to square one on how to make this thing have gears. I was all excited too. Learning is always great though. The three speed hub just might be the answer if it can handle the torque.
  5. joeranton

    joeranton Guest

    Well couldn't you possible take out enough links in the chain to where when you are in first gear with deraileur gears, there is no slack top or bottom chain? When u pop the clutch, there will be no bottom slack to give so the chain will not have any choice but to move. It will act like a single speed in first gear only when poping the clutch. All other gears have smaller sprockets, so first gear will be the only one with any real stress on the deraileur. Please comment. I'm excited again.