A new Rider from Puerto Rico but probably the lastone.

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  1. AguadaRyder

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    Hi I am from a small town of Aguada in the northwestern part of PR I build a motorized bike less then a month ago. But today my heart broke went I saw this news article title Jail for modification of bike.
    "Under the bill, any person who alters a bike with a motor will be guilty of a misdemeanor and be punished by fine not less than between $ 5.001 and $ 25.000, or imprisonment for a period of not less than 6 months and one day nor more 3 years, or both penalties at the discretion of the Court."

    I am really ****ed off. Is all the fault off Norman Ramírez A PNP Representante.

  2. professor

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    If it is a bill that is not yet law, see what you can do to kill it.
  3. AguadaRyder

    AguadaRyder New Member

    what can I do? Any advice?
  4. wheelbender6

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    Agua - Write a letter to your local lawmaker explaining that you depend on your motorized bicycle to get to work. It's worth a try.
  5. AguadaRyder

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    I am not the only one with a motorized bike, here are a couple of pictures.

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  6. Pablo

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    That's insane. A criminal penalty for a civil infraction??

    There are many, many PR motored bikers - we have tons of customers in PR!

    What you need to do is spread the word. Post on the other board as well. Tell every one that this is no good!!
  7. Dave C

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    I can not think of a single reason why anyone would even propose such a thing. Maybe he was frightened by a MB as a child...or an adult :p

    I see them as a solution to problems. They save resourses, space, even most are two stroke the emissions levels still have to be low compaired to passenger/miles.

    They are used all over the world and PR wants to ban them? ...talk about out-of-step...
  8. robin bird

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    probably just want their money.
  9. KilroyCD

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    This part of the news article really irks me:
    "We refer to devices invented by people who by definition are not fit to travel on our roads."
    That takes a lot of gall to imply that anyone riding a motorized bike is not fit to travel on the road. That is painting every motorized bike owner/enthusiast with a broad brush, and is a slap in our collective faces. I would rally your friends and who own / ride motorized bikes and start a massive letter writing / telephone call campaign to get this bill stopped in its tracks before it becomes law.
  10. Dave C

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    It looks like it's up to you...you are going to have to organize the riders in PR as to what is going on and have them contact their representatives and tell them that this is a bad idea. Many I'm sure use their bikes for transportation to work and banning the bikes would cause financial hardship to your families, the one's that vote for them. You have to be as polite as possible, no threats of any kind. Banning MB's also add to the congestion of city streets. If it's polution the the bikes have the cages beat for passenger miles vs polution per passenger aspect. They save resources, fuel, rubber, metals. You might have to give on a 2 stroke vs 4 stroke argument. Real catylitic converters can be fitted if needed. These bikes can be as clean as cars.

    I'm sure the rest of the MB riders there in PR are aware of this and just need to be organized, somewhat:thinking: