A new way to lock UP your bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by arkives1, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. arkives1

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  2. Wheres my dog

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    Definite concept here for a city bicycle rider...

    If you can't get to the lock, how in the heck would you steal it???
  3. loquin

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    That's true... Unfortunately, the first time the bike fell on someone's head, you'd be sued for everything you own.
  4. Zev0

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    It certainly looks good. But like a previous poster stated, what happens if someone comes behind you and puts his bike on there also. How is yours going to get down over his. Neat concept however.
  5. A_FITZ

    A_FITZ Member

    HAHAHA that is freakin hilarious.., pretty futuristic too... I like it.
  6. arkives1

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    I can just see this in Wisconsin in winter, and some do ride in winter, guy put's his bike up on the pole and it snows and freezes the bike and carrier to the pole. Almost as bad as having your tongue stuck to the flag pole.
  7. RedBaronX

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    I am someone who over-thinks problems and solutions... I obviously get it from my German side
  8. ibdennyak

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    Ha ha....a kindred spirit. I too have done the frozen bike....and the frozen tongue thing. :whistling:

    Red....another Kraut..(I tell everybody I'm a Norvegen.) Better to over think than to under think though. :jester:
  9. Danny3xd

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    I really like it! I bet most cops would too.

    Would have to have a solar battery charger/top off though. Imagine having to answer the question; "Wheres yer bike?" lol
  10. loquin

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    That lift should be attached to a seat... then, you RIDE up the pole with your bike and a clamp...