A 'new Whizzer' to keep my originals company!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kagol1, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. kagol1

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    I now have a 2008 Ambassador, added to my Pacemaker and my 1964-ish one-off, high--handle bar/banana seat, chain driven Whizzer (I think it's a modified Sportsman frame) - mine since new, and unmodified. Both restored a few years ago.

    I ride only the new Ambassador, and it's not too bad! I can't seem to coax more than 32 mph out if it, with my 185 lbs in the saddle.

    Since new (has 200 miles on it) I see a little bubbling around the head gasket, only until it warms up. Does anyone have a suggestion? Replace the gasket? Head needs milling? Is this contributing to lack of speed?

    Also, the electric starter often fails to engage, just spins, but eventually will catch and start. Ideas?

    Thanks, in advance, for any help!

  2. LR Jerry

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    You need to give details about your engine.