a newbie question about motorised bikes.

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  1. azndude3141

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    hi everybody, i want to find a way to get around town quickly and legally. i recently saw some 49cc bike kits on ebay and they claim to say they are legal to ride around. here in california, what are the requirements to legally ride a motorised bike? does it need turnsignals, stop indicators, and a horn? will i need a liscence plate like mopeds? i would appreciate your help.

  2. curtisfox

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    Go to your local DMV and they should have a booklet that should tell you all you need to know
  3. PatrickW

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    You might try, as a starting point, our "Motored Biking Laws and Legislation" Forum in the "Clubhouse and Social Area"...read thru it and you should get pointed in the right direction. Remember to just Search, Read, then ask questions.
  4. wheelbender6

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    The surest bet is to get or build an electric bike, as they are allowed by federal statute.