A pic of my 1999 Black Classic.

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  2. Your toys are awesome,but we need more pics of that whizzer!
    WELCOME to MBc!
  3. Mokanracer

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  4. Sweet! Very nice!

    (sorry about the image tags)
  5. srdavo

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    I dig the Duece! is that you MOKan car?
    Love the Whizzers too!!
  6. Alaskavan

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    Nice Whizzer.:cool:
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    That is a really, really gorgeous machine. Nice job!
  8. autobo7

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    I love those sadle bags! where did they come from? the big front light is a nice touch as well, Sweet ride!
  9. Mokanracer

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    Thanks Folks

    The saddle bags belonged to my deceased Son Terry. He had them on a sporty H.D. So they have a lot of meaning. They are made of a raw hide type material. Any way prob end up putting them on my Vintage Schwinn Whizzer I,m building. http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m246/Roger_026/HotRodSchwinn0002.jpg sorry for the large links. I dont know how you guys do yours, any way this is the Schwinn in-process.
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  10. grummy

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    Buddy ... uhm .. could you put some more pic ..with your red car as the background.
  11. GTscoob

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    Whats under the hood of the Nova? The bike is gorgeous too.
  12. give the guy a chance he is usin it as doner car hes gona put the motor on his next projec mb

    talk about a shifter kit
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    When my car broke down back in '93. I used to get a ride from a girl to work that had a yellow Nova the same year as yours. I never told when I fixed the car to ride in hers. She thought I was actually interested in her! It was only a straight 6. Had it been a SS. I would have married her!
  15. Mokanracer

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    If it was just a V8 I would have married her :)

    Hilarious.I allmost fell off my chair,sooo funny. But I can relate ,,Ya just never know where you would be today ,if it hadnt been a "6" !! Well here are some cardomain links of my cars,they also describe pretty much whats in my vehicles.If ya want to know more,just ask.. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2920607


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    It would have to be more than a V8, I don't believe all V8's were SS's. You have to understand her name was Wendy and she had red hair. I could imagine having sex then Dave Thomas would pop in my head! :puke: I could do Dave Thomas for an SS, but not a 6 or even a 8.

    I've got a pretty good idea where I'd be had it been a SS. In a trailer park, in semi-rural Missouri, drinking Natural Light, questioning my sexuality. But, I'd have one *****in' ride!

    Was that you that did the disappearing act in the video? BAD DAY!!

    That Super Chevy award really impressed me! I subscribed for 10 yrs.!

    So, you say you got some weird bicycle with a motor?
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  18. highoctane

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    6 cyl. ss

    there wher 6 cyl. ss dueces aswell. so, ya better have
    looked under the hood first , before you got too crazy. L.O.L.
  19. Mokanracer

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    62CheyII SS 6 cylinders

    SS ChevyII 6. Yep, I almost bought one from my neighbor. It had front end damage,and 6 engine, But it came with an extra nice front clip. I kick my self for not buying it. My 62 was a 400 model,but I stripped all of the trim and emblems off when I did the restore.