A picture of my schwinn point beach

Sorry its a cell phone picture, but it looks decent.

The back fender is missing due to all the mounts breaking. I have cut a new mounting bar for it, just waiting for the paint to dry.

yep, the date is wrong onthis picture too. :)

Soon to have the new jackshaft kit installed on it. I will be ordering it on saturday morning.

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Very nice! I put a friction drive on my Point Beach. I hated losing the back rack & fender, though.
I live above an antique store so getting the box was pretty simple :)

Ugh, I gotta have that rear fender. Keeps all the water and junk from flying up and hitting you. I trimmed a portion out so the chain would clear it.
Yeah ... I discovered the water and mud the other day so I've got to get a fender solution back in place.

I hadn't thought it would be a problem since West Texas is pretty arid and I'd just take my car on the raining days, but several people had let their lawn water run into the street the last time I rode and I got sprayed pretty good.
Yeah I live in michigan. Rain is expected and often. I must say though ive been pretty lucky since ive been riding this bike. Ive only got caught in two storms.
Love the old box to! Have you ridden it with the box on yet? Looks too close, aesthetically it looks good, but not functionally. My lunch box is about 5" away and if I have the handle flipped towards me I can feel it.
i have ridden it 300 miles like that.

it is not very comfy. im lookin into moving theseat foreward some. the box cannot move.