A plea for help



I know this is probably in the wrong area but please allow this for maximum exposure, thanks admin. This is a plea: It seems that the person that said he would write the appeal for me is not going to come through by the end of the week. Is anyone here brilliant enough and willing to spend a few hours reading the trial transcript (Word document I can email to you) and write an appeal for me (maximum of 14 pages). This may seem like an impossible request but I don't know what else to do. Otherwise I'm screwed by the lying, dishonest cops, prosecutors and judges in this fricking stupid town I have to live in. I should have been driving last July but because of the lying, dishonest corrupt cop I has lost my license for one more year. Wait until my insurance finds out about this. I may never drive again. I am facing 48 hours in jail. I am innocent and don't feel like turning the other cheek. How many people in the past and the future will S H I T like this happen to? How many more people will be unjustly persecuted because of contemptious, fascist pigs in this city? The city I live in (have been told this repeatedly by others) has the lowest esteemed police force in ARizona (rodeo cops as some say).
I can give you my moral support. I'm not very good with all that legal stuff,though.
Good luck with all this.
Normally i wouldn't do this(dobb-in a fellow member) but because of the seriousness of this nature and your understandable concern i suggest u contact "HoughMade"
He's excellent with words and was a litigation attorney for 10 yrs.IF he is unable to help he can possibly suggest someone who can........GOOD LUCK man. :)
wow torques i am sorry, when I have legal issues I would turn to legal aide or something like it...it's usually free...i can't write legal jargin either...hope all goes well man and good luck...do you got any witnesses to anything? Was there an accident...pm me if you wanna discuss it further...
Only thing I know about is http://www.freeadvice.com

Nobody there's gonna help you out with a < 14pg appeal. You'd prolly have to take a crash course in law. If you're gonna go thru with it, just Google for format & write in English exactly why you are not in the wrong. G'luck!
If you are near a university, it might prove worthwhile to seek out a professor of law and see if he or a student might be able to help you come up with something (years ago I had some documents that needed translating and somebody gave me the same advice and next thing you know a student was translating away for free....of course it helped that I live near a big university....Just a thought that might work. Good Luck.

PS - One other thought....some communities have a legal aid department specifically for helping lower income individuals (I am not saying that you are low income but just a suggestion) or perhaps maybe somebody at a local Goodwill type store (salvation army store etc) may have some leads on where to go for low cost or free legal aid....again just thoughts. Hope everything works out for you.
i'm only a lowly court reporter, but i do sit in appeals court as well as all the other ones. I don't know your situation at all, and i'll look at the transcript if you want (forcanada@gmail.com), but my advice is to go and find a lawyer. If you cant afford it, find a way. Seriously. Find a way to get a couple hundred bucks together and go to a law firm, throw it on the table and say you need some advice, at least.

To appeal a decision, you generally have to find a mistake in the way the judge applied his interpretation to the law. But even if you do, the appeal judge can still decide it was an acceptable interpretation. If you're at the stage of an appeal in a relatively simple criminal case (meaning your word vs. cops word basically), and if the cop if going to continue to lie, you may be looking at a very difficult situation.
i'll help if i can!