A Powercycle With Punch.

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by Sianelle, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Those old cyclemotors and autocycles were cracking. I'm a big fan of the cyclemaster, infact they were made not far from where I live. Villiers are just about the best engines ever made, give me cast iron over aluminion any day. Were new Hudson autocycles comon in new zealand? Were BSA winged wheels commonplace aswell as I would say that they were and are the best cyclemotor attachment available?

  3. Scottm

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    Thanks for finding all this stuff Sianelle. I really enjoy the history behind our motoredbikes.
  4. Sianelle

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    I own a cast alloy New Hudson headbadge, but that's the nearest I've ever come to seeing one here in NZ unfortunately. BSA Winged Wheels always had a good reputation here and are much desired. A really nice restored BSA bicycle complete with a Winged Wheel came up for sale a wee while ago only it was well out of my price range (sigh).
    My biggest boost came from a chap down-country who had several Villiers engines and bits and cheerfully sold them to me for $NZ15.00. I've been keeping my eyes out for more, but have had to deal with twits looking for 'collectable' prices for sad dirty old lumps. The brass carburettors get grabbed by the polish-em-up-and-ask-antique-prices idiots as well, but I must admit I'm not too badly off for spares. So far I've never found a Villiers industrial two stroke engine that's worn out. The long bronze bushed main bearings last forever and the same goes for the rest of the engine.

    Scottm: - not a problem :grin: Always delighted to share what I find.
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    Engine configuration looks similar to the Johnson Motor Wheel which was made in the USA and in england was called the Economic. Cool..I had to llok real close at the picture to see it was not a Johnson. Roy
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    Nice article Sianella,Thanks.

    PS...Kinda wish i had kept my Bantam & Villie that i sold for a pittance MANY years ago...kids,geez. :roll:
  7. Sianelle

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    I had one of the first model Triumph Tiger Cubs, - a sweet honey of a motorcycle. Oooooooooooo why did I ever sell it ....... [​IMG]