A Privateer's chance of Glory on the Boards

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by MotorbikeMike, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi gang, I have seen a lot of bikes here referring to "Board Track Racer" and I wanted to show you mine, which I got running today.

    Mine is a true drop-loop design, used by almost all early motorcycle manufacturers after 1904, which earlier had been "Diamond frames"

    I had wanted to build her up to be a full motorcycle, but, after riding this bike (yet incomplete) feeling the power of the OVH exposed BTR engine, I have decided to continue to the finish as a Racer.

    NOT a "Factory Racer", but instead a "Privateers" Racer, stripped down from a factory Motorcycle, hopped up, and maybe even chopped in some way, so as to be competitive on the boards. I chose not to go with the short "baloney sliced" headpipe, as so many did, as I will be on the pavement, not on the boards. Tho, surprisingly enuf, the increased compression, and efficiency of the OHV has proved to be MUCH louder than I had thought.

    The bike runs really strong, accellerates harder than my flatheads do by far.

    Here she is, still in bare metal.


    PS the pics won't load, I'll put them in next

  2. Pics were too large

    Here are pics of the Model 09.

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  3. oh man that's a beauty...
  4. Haggard

    Haggard Guest

    Now THAT is a motored bicycle. A thing of beauty in its entirity. . Is that a cvt primary? That frame is amazing
  5. gone_fishin

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    mike, the 1st pic answered everything i had been lacking in our other convo about belting the drivetrain, one tensioner balanced between two seperate loops is so simple and logical it's mind-blowing.

    a beauty bike. one thing i'm coming to appreciate about your creations is how the different buyers/riders personalize 'em...i look forward to seeing what they all do with this run :cool:
  6. Falling Center Pully, old timey clutch

    Hi Augi, well I don't know if it really shows, but the center dual belt sheave (pulley), is on a piviot, and the spring keeps it up, and tensioned.
    A cable pulls down on the rear end of the arm, and slacks the belt set.
    Adjusted properly, you get full engagement, and adequate disengagement.
    The front belt, since it has the smallest pully, will act as the clutch, and in our case can be had for 4.99 at most auto-parts stores.
    IF you build your own system, do yourself a favor, and figure out how to use STANDARD easily procured belts.

    The engine will go Uphill from the bottom (tightens front belt only).

    Slide forward on both mounts (tightens both belts about equally).

    Forward and back on rear wheel, (rear belt slack and tighten).

    Well I hope this explains the old system.

  7. 09 Shakedown

    Hi All, well I took the 09 out today, windy, and kinda chilly at 68 degrees. Out comes the oil can, oiling the rocker bushings, oil cup, valve shafts, and cheacked the grease on the pushrods. Leather Jacket, Gloves, lil black DOT, and I'm off!

    Kick her up and she roars to life! Straight pipe crackin, I pull into the main drag, and up to the Steel House, show her off, promote, and pass out cards, next to the scooter shop, well received, pass out more cards!

    The the Gas Station next door, even the guy with the accent behind the counter came out for a look and a card , but hey, he got One Dollar, and Fifty from me for gas. Off to the Wholesale house for a rebuild kit for the Ki-Hin, which he does not carry.

    Down the 4-lane I go, I wind her up a little, not too much as my front brake cable has slipped, and YES I have no tools with me!!!

    Sooo, after I stop at a neighbor's who fixes lawn mowers and such, I'm back home drinkin beer, and talking to another neighbor, when the third neighbor comes up to the community mailbox and tells me, "you're gonna get a ticket on that thing, you speed demon!"
    What, I say?
    Welll he says "you know you were goin 55 don't you?" Awww come-on Don, I don't think she'll do 55, how fast did you clock me? Don turns to the new neighbor, and says, I saw this big guy on that bike, and he was doin 40, just roaring down the street.

    I'm thinking "another job well done"

    Here are shake-down cruise ride pics.


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  8. Some guys do it right

    Nice job Mike. Good to see a plan come together huh.
  9. That bike is beautiful.
  10. spunout

    spunout Member

    sweet. :cool:. not fast enough, mike! need more speed! :evil:
    i'm putting that pic you sent to me on my blog. nice bike. your favorite, yet?

    ps-i assume i can plagerize a little of your description?
  11. Another Ride on the Racer

    Hi all, had a good time, ride her over to a little car show tonite. Got some good attention, not much, wrong crowd here.

    I'm enjoying her untill a point comes where I can tear down, and powder coat, tho I need to add my custom rear fender, brake light, license frame, serial number, change the seat, remount the electric "tank", and consider a headlamp (removeable?).

    Looks like I'll be riding her at the Whiz-In Saturday, should go about 50 miles or so.

    Zomby, yes I'm pleased, this is bike #12 of this series, and the last that I expect to use these rockers, and light springs.

    Spunout, yes I'd be pleased for you to ad my lil bike to your blog! And, she will go faster than the 40mph, I'm sure. This is engine #2, and engine #1 has been doing 45 and more up and down hills all over central coast CA. He's put about 300 miles on her I think he said. He will tear down, and inspect before Saturday.

    Ride Straight,

  12. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Beautiful work of art.:shock:
  13. After the Whiz-In

    Hi all, I was too busy ridin, sellin, smchoozin, and takin pics of other bikes to shoot mine! I was outrunnin seemingly like all the flatheads, and running with the other ohv's. Maybe I could not beat the big boys, but I was certainly up with them. I ran anywhere up to 40-45 mph (real, not imagined) and am able to accellerate uphill. The little OVH exposed BTR engine ran flawlessly thru the run, which, no-one seems sure but was 62-70 miles!
    I took these pics today, after we were home.


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    RATRODER Guest

    Mike (man that thing is gonna be soooo coll when you get it painted) hehe,man it is soooo coll now. louis
  15. Hey Mike.
    Nice to see your here to. =)
    Mike is the best to talk to.. He is the one got me into the hole deal of motor bikes. Befor I was relly wanting a moped that was it.He gone over and over with me in info about this. I had chated with 1 dude over the phone about a motor. But this guy was welling to help me out with a deal of all times of a motor bike like this one. But I'm down on money like all. I'm saveing my money up for the real deal. If someone like him can deal with reading my poor spelling and giving his time in helping me with all I ask. This is the dealer I want to buy from in time.....
  16. Model 09 back from Powder

    Hi Joe, glad you are doing well!

    The day finally came, and I got back my parts from the Powder coating shop! I don't yet have the wheels done, but aI have the rest all up and running. There is sooo much more t0o do, but I wanted to put up a couple of pics, to show you-all what I've been up to.

    Tonite I got my wheels out of the bike shop, they were too difficult for me to lace, .120 stainless spokes, cross 4 pattern, Powder on the rims.

    Here are a couple of pics of my "Pit Crew" holding my Red Model 09 prototype, pushrod motor and all.

    Hope you like seeing this bike as much as I do.

    I guess I'll try to upload later after 5 tries, I'm giving up.


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  17. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    My word that's a beautiful motor-bicycle. The work you do is such an inspiration Mike.
  18. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    With OHV HP, you better have 11g on the rear wheel. :D

    Looks very good Mike.
  19. My Wheels

    Hi Sianelle and Pete! I love the looks of the 09, I've only got about 85 miles on it, but did take it out to a town called Napa, and Dave LaLone of Whizzer Motorbike rode it a bit.

    The 09 is nearly what I had in mind when I started the 08 project, and now those 10 are sold, along with 3 of the 20 Model 10's we had built in AZ.

    I will install my new wheels, and a Whizzer speedo on her maybe tomorrow, after I take some more pics with the chrome wheels and black tires. New wheels are Worksman rolled rims powdered to match the bike, with the .120 Stainless spokes, alloy drum in front, Shimano coaster in rear.

    Exsisting temp wheels are Worksman also. I've gotten to the point that all my bikes roll on Worksman wheels, building bicycles in America since 1896 still up in the Bronx, NY.

    I try to use USA parts whenever possible, and deal with USA companies (like Whizzer). Those of you who've never ridden a Whizzer, have no idea what you are missing.

    Thanks for the kind reviews,

  20. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    I hope your 'Pit Crew' got a chance to try out the bike too Mike :grin:
    Red is such a great colour for this type of bike and you've captured the style and look of a track bike so very well.
    It's fortunate too that you have a surname that looks good on a bike tank. ;)

    I'm feeling very sad that Whizzers can't be purchased here (pout). I'm going down the bottom of the garden to eat worms.....