A Question for the Builders about ...Standing behind a Build ??!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by chain, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. chain

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    I'm a leather smith and make custom seats for custom bike builders (motorcycles)
    and I got a question for you .
    Everyone who see's my bike wants one . I'm busy enough with my leather (I do it full time ),and I'm not interested in building them for someone else , but my question is .
    How do you ...feel about selling these bike ?
    I mean I really dig this ...motorized bike stuff but ..
    They need so much tweaking after riding them ! What do you tell people when they buy from you ? I just feel funny about even helping my friends build one because of the reliability of them . I was just wondering what your personal view was on this . I stand behind my leather work and won't do something I know won't hold up , so just curious . I'm not saying any of your builds won't hold up .
    No offense on this truly ...I was just wondering !!

  2. skyash

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    Every time I make a new bike there fine when you start pushing it like speed or jumps then problems I sell it thay love it they get used to it push it and problems. I no when it leaves me it's fine you bye it no refund. I checked it once an then once more if thay fall off there fult If it brakes and thay come off iam stuffed. So tell them I double checked once thay ride out of sight it's on them If you get one you will love it to if you expect to much well may be not lol. I tell people 40kmh ezy and it will eny more and it's up to you.
  3. crassius

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    I can't guaranty the bike or the kit parts, but I do guaranty my work - it is such simple work tho that it would have to be something like forgetting to put a bolt in to get it wrong. There aren't many mistakes that an experienced builder could make.