a question of tact



Ok, so here's my situation. I run a small shop by myself (no employees). I sell and service lawn & garden equip, but also spend lots of time on my computer selling motorcycle/snowmobile/ATV parts on ebay. It keeps me hoppin and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. The biggest problem is all the buddies I have stopping by to gab and see what's happening. Now, I really don't want to come across as being antisocial because I am not.....and I do appreciate my friends and acquaintances, but oftentimes, their visits can be quite longish and interfere with my workload....meaning I end up working late into the evening to make up for time lost during the day. I really don't know of a polite way of telling them to go hang out somewhere else (I already got rid of the coffee pot).....but I'm sure many of you will have some good suggestions and I am asking for them. Let em roll in....maybe I'll end up printing this post and tacking it to my bulletin board when I see some replies.....that itself outta help!



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Nov 4, 2006
you could try to put them to work....that almost always clears out my garage :LOL: . funny thing....If ya find a helper that can actually help, you might get done early & get to hang out with the guys!
Win/win! :D


Can't remember his name..*sigh*

There was a guy here in Long Beach CA that balanced engine internals and flywheel/clutch assy for racers. He was good one man shop with a really nice kid that was a stutterer as the pick-up/delivery man.

He had his basic price list posted in assending order. The most expensive at the bottom of this list was bench racing @ $75 an hour. This was in 1965! Worked for him. If the conversation got too long winded he would just point to the sign. :)


Davo is right.

Just say "Hey, I'm really over my head here, do you mind helping me while we shoot the s4!t?" Also, say "What did you say? I wasn't paying attention I'm focusing on (insert your task here), I REALLY gotta get this done."

Do it a few times and they will either help (free help is always good) or they will not come around as much.

It's tough when you have to choose between buds and business.


eat a lot of beans? :LOL: :LOL:

for real, i never had a problem putting the paying job (and customer waiting for it) ahead of a buddy's need to hang out, or perhaps even my need to hang out with my buds. i'd simply speak up, a friend will understand 8)


Too bad your friends don't have enough sense to realize what is going on. I love to hang out with my friend of 40 plus years, he ones a motorcycle shop just up the way. I love going over to keep up with old times but I will get a wrench and help out when I can. Or I just stay away during work hours. Have fun, Dave

PS: He and I started a trip to Alaska in 1968 on Honda 90's, from Hermosa beach ca. one of us fell down, and cut the trip short. We have a lot to talk about.