a question on fillers.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by retro_racer, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    I know theres a couple of people in here besides myself that have built there own tanks.Like motorbikemike,and Iride just to name a few.I was woundering what do you guys use,or what have you used for your filler necks?
    My last one was scalped from another tank,so I only had to buy the cap.The tank I'm building now I don't have a neck for as of yet,and I'm running alittle short on time.I realy need to get this thing done before the
    2nd week in September.Any ideas would help out guys,and thanks.
    The tank is round before you ask,and all steel.

  2. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Well, I used one from the stock tank but there is a motorcycle aftermarket parts distributor that I was looking at. The prices are a little high but they have just about anything you need.


    Their phisical catalog, which you can request for free, is easier to find things in.

    Here's a another couple of resources but I'm not sure if they are vented. Pretty good prices though!

    http://www.fullborerace.com/Fuel Caps.htm



    I hope this helps,

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  3. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Thanks for the help Iride.That will be alot of help in the future,but I think I may need a quicker fix.That is to make my deadline.
  4. Filler neck dillema

    HI! Man do i know what you mean! I looked all over, trying to see what I could do that would take gas from the pump, and be steel, so it could be welded into a traditional style tank. For "gas can" filling of 2 strokes, I've used solid brass Garden hose fittings, and caps.

    Fot the 08 Racer, I knew I needed to fill at the pump, so off I went, finally settling on 1" black Iron Pipe (gas Pipe), and then, got solid brass cast 1" plumbing caps, machining off the 2 "ears" and cleaning, and knurling the rim, made a very nice cap.

    Hope this helps, Mike
  5. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Hi Mike,Thanks for the response.I knew you,and Iride would have some ideas.My thanks to both of you guys.
    Mike I had the same idea about the brass water hose fittings.I seem to remember that they have a brass cap that fits right over a hose type end.That would make a good cap for a 2 stroke,gas can type refills.What did you use for the other end? I was also woundering did you lead them in the tank? Or did you brase them in? Rod
  6. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Mike, do you have a problem with vacuum? How did you vent the cap without it splashing out?


    RATRODER Guest

    filler neck &cap

    Rod this is what I did, I used a 3/4 pipe to g.hose machined fitting and J.B. weld in tank ,filed notch in top for vent. louis

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  8. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Louis, Have you posted a pic of your whole bike? If so can you post a link to the thread? I like what you have done with your filler neck. The JB holds up ok??


    RATRODER Guest

    iride,the thumbnail is of mb#2 and yes J.B. weld holds veary well Iused it on mb #1 over two years ago. louis
  10. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Hi Ratroder,
    Thats exactly what I plan on using for my filler.I went out,and got the cap an neck yesterday.I was thinking about leding it into the tank though.Maybe with some silver solder.Thanks for the picture that helps alot.
  11. toxicmammoth

    toxicmammoth Guest

    filler neck

    I looked all over but I couldnt find a new one about the same diameter. the regular motorcycle ones are a much bigger diameter and way to big for my tank and cost quite a bit

    One thing you can do is to extend the filler neck. you could turn a piece of tubing down and have it fit inside the neck.

    I almost went the motocross route with a cap with a vent and tube in it running into the fork or something. then you can use pretty much anything you want for a cap and do it pretty cheap.

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  12. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Thanks Toxicmammoth,
    I think Mike had the right Idea for the tank I'm building right now.The garden hose parts are just the right size,and cheap enough.I need alittle smaller neck,because the tank is round.I probably will have to extend the fill neck though.Or run it at a steeper angle,and with the short neck may look funny.It could also be a problem to fill even with a gas can.
  13. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Were did you get the tank straps.Did you make them? Those look great,and way better than the conduit straps I used.

    RATRODER Guest

    Rod,I made the straps out of aluminum 1/8 by 1 inch,my filler neck on m/b#1 is 1 inch tubing about 3 inches long. louis
  15. gas venting

    Hi, sorry, I missed your post Dan, I do not have venting problems with the 08 neck.

    The pipe has tapered threads, and since I only hand tighten, I seem to never get the cap fully tight enuf to stop the venting action. BUT, my tanks are 14 GA steek tubing, and that stuff will not "suck-in" if I have a vacuum develop, tho it's never happened, as my engine has never starved out.

    My idea was to take a dremel and "slice" a single run across the threads from top to bottom, and this would alow enuf air. I do not like hole on top of the cap as it can take in water, and I have had that problem already. This has not been necessary.

    I'm anxious to see what the new tanks will look like, as the guys in fab say you will not see any seams.


    RATRODER Guest

    Mike,is that 14 ga squar tubing & how can Igit some? louis
  17. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Mike spill,
    Were did you get the square tube at?The tank I'm working on is made of round tube,and it was realy hard to get in 3 1/2" dia.I thought it would save me some time,and it realy did help out alot.
    My first tank was made of 7 different panels,and was a pain to seal.The led has held togeither very well.I was going to brase the next one,but this could change everything on my builds.Rod
  18. Steel Tubing

    Hi Rod, I looked all over hellshalfacre to find tubing for my tanks!
    I finally discovered that Commercial Wrought Iron fencing guys (who are NOT using wrought iron), and found that commercial corner post is available in 20' sticks. NOW do not make the mistake I first made. Fab guy shaped it, all hunkey-dory, and then I put in gas, and it weeped out all over from the bottom of the tank. That tubing is kinda hot "fused" together and the bottom seam should be welded alonf that run.

    This crazy stuff is cold-rolled and makes very nice tanks.

  19. retro_racer

    retro_racer Guest

    Thanks Mike,
    That should help alot for future builds.It might be almost imposible to find here though.I seem to remember that a company here a couple of years ago sold several different sizes of square tubing.Even rectangler tubes for trailer frames.That might be my best place to start.There are a couple of other places I can check,but both are about 2 hours away.Still thanks mike the idea is very sound.
    There are alot of times I wish I had never left California.This will be one I'm sure.Short 30 min. drive there,and I would have a 20' piece to play with.